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Sources are more complicated than it seemed when you first met them. Understanding what works with children helps you interview them better. He heard the complainant crying out, and went to help her.

Today, I read this research paper which identified several interesting patterns among children aged 4-9: The third technique raises interesting issues. According to him and his girlfriend, he picked up the complainant's underwear after the incident, and gave it to her.

But I found what happened next particularly interesting. If the officer no longer believed that the bins contained contraband, then he should return them. The court found that releasing the prisoners was a reasonable exercise of discretion, and did not occur because the officer doubted his conclusions, but because it was a reasonable exercise of discretion under the circumstances. When you ask for a substance to be tested for drugs, have you carefully read the analyst's certificates which come back from the lab?

The officer arrested the men and seized the money (,000) and the bins. Mr Canary, 2018 ONCA 304 exchanged 220,000 pills for ,000 cash in bills.

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