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I know way too many other women (Muslim and non-Muslim) who happen to be daughters of immigrants and believe that choosing their spouses is a process in which their parents need be intimately involved. Of course you should take your parents’ opinions under consideration if they’ve bothered to love and raise you.

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If you're uncomfortable being primarily judged by your photos, you're better off with a more traditional site like the ones listed above, where you can impress your future suitor with more details in a meatier written profile.

All my life, for example, I’ve been consistently cautioned against sunbathing—and not because people were concerned about the possibility of my developing skin cancer. This is an issue that plagues societies worldwide—Muslim or not.

But you’d think that ISNA (purportedly the largest Muslim organization in North America) might be above running blatantly racist personal ads with complexion requirements. Yes This Is For Real so accurately points out, too many of us are not.

, the bi-monthly publication of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), runs personal ads.

There are two sections: “Seeking Husband” and “Seeking Wife.” The personal ad below appears in the latest edition under “Seeking Husband,” and it is one of only two ads (among ten) in which a woman is seeking correspondence for Muslim woman invites correspondence for herself from believing/practicing, driven, fun, feminist Muslim man.

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