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Tal ligação pode soar estranha para muitos, especialmente os acostumados a ouvir que o Nazismo era de "extrema direita", mas para quem conhece as doutrinas socialistas e o pensamento liberal mais a fundo, essa conexão é muito clara.Para ler o artigo original, basta clicar no título deste post ou acessar o seguinte site: Ray, analisa detalhadamente vários aspectos do nazismo e os compara com elementos programáticos e ideológicos do socialismo marxista.It seemed long years of sufferings must have left a silent trace. My father and mother are dead, and my little brothers and sisters were hungry and asked me for bread. I got, oh was it stealing the bread to give to them? His father had bidden him stand there, and he had been taught always to obey. At first I earned it for them by working hard all day, but somehow the times were hard, sir, adn teh work fell all away. The weather was bitter cold and the young ones cried and shivered; little Johnny's but four eyars old. " Every man in the courtroom graybeard, and thoughtless youth knew as they looked upon him that hte prisoner spoke the truth. The men who were left alive made haste to launch a small boat. Any other place was safer now than on board of the burning ship. He trusted in his father's word, and believed that when the right time came, he would tell him to go. Out from their pockets came kerchiefs, out from their eyes sprang tears; and out from the old faded wallets treasures hoarded for years. " said the judge as he eyed him wiht kindly look at kin: "Is... "And your age" "I'm turned fifteen." "Well, Mark", and then from a paper he slowly and gravely read, "You are charged here, I am sorry to say it, with stealing three loaves of bread. A passionate burst of weeping was at first his sole reply; and he dried his tears in a moment then looked at the judge's eyes. Once could hear nothing but hte roars of the big guns. The waster was strewn with broken masts and pieces of tmiber, which the canon balls had knocked from the ships.

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Mesmo elementos que consideramos inerentemente nazistas (como o anti-semitismo) têm suas raízes nos escritos de Karl Marx (e, justiça seja feita, em elementos da cultura da Europa Setentrional que ainda hoje persistem). Ray não é o primeiro a apontar as ligações profundas entre o socialismo e o nazismo.

Os nazistas diziam que a chave nao era a propriedade estatal em si, mas o CONTROLE sobre a atividade produtiva.

Nada de muito diferente do que uma parcela expressiva da esquerda "moderada" prega hoje, inclusive no Brasil...

This afternoon, I found myself some time to spare so I headed to the library and got a book on declamation pieces.

After reading some of the pieces, I feel compelled to post some of them because they have been used during my grade school days.

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