Personal cams

Here’s a rather disturbing example of the value of the unblinking dash cam: This video, which received a tremendous amount of airtime, shows a Manchester Township, PA police officer stopping a suspect for moving violations and suspected DUI.As the suspect exited the vehicle, he drew a pistol and fired three rounds at close range.In other words, if somehow your car is facing this kind of private setting, turn the dash cam off.And if your dash cam has the capability to record sound as well as video, you must advise the other party that what they say is being recorded.

Police departments are not the only ones adopting dashboard video cameras, however.As long as the dash cams are visually recording activities that occur in public view, there is no problem.There are, however, laws that govern making audio recordings and, in certain circumstances, video recordings as well.In Pennsylvania, the Wiretap Act prohibits making an audio recording of a conversation unless both parties are aware of the recording.There are also so-called “Peeper Laws” that prohibit making video recordings of people who are in a private setting such as a bedroom, dressing room, or restroom.Presently, there are no laws on the books that prohibit the admission of dash cam videos in court.You should still be careful, however, even though dashboard cameras are legal for both the police and you.The wounded suspect remained at large as of mid-December.When the police are following proper procedures while making contact with a person or persons, the dash cam can be a tremendous asset.We hear a lot these days about dashboard camera videos in police cars.As more departments adopt dash cam technology, we will see a corresponding increase in the number of videos from those dash cams.

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