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Our results suggest that seedling survival is limited by a lack of mulch and that competition with invasive understory plants may limit growth for some species.

We measured survival, general health (visually assessed), and height as response variables to the two treatments.Our learning activities were tested by Anatomy and Physiology students using Carnegie Mellon’s OLI course.The Carnegie Mellon course uses an innovative digital dashboard platform which allowed us to track individual student’s understanding of concepts before, during, and after using our materials so that we were able to analyze their success and effectiveness.But if you’re a female in college, talking about religion is not only taboo, it’s unheard of.After being brought up by parents with two different ideologies, Christianity and Islam, I set out with this research project to better understand what role religion plays for my other female peers.Surviving transplants in the mulch treatment were also healthier than the transplants with no mulch added.Ivy presence did not affect health or survival of either species, but it did affect growth of , however, growth was highest in the ivy-removed treatment, but was not significantly affected by the presence of mulch.While there are excellent measures for tracking general psychological adjustment, many are too lengthy and arduous to facilitate completion on a weekly basis.Therefore, we created the seven-item Brief Adjustment Scale for EAS-C.My primary methods were through long-form interviews, ethnographic observations and interacting with them on a daily basis as they moved their lives and their faith.Hearing about the challenges these women overcome on a daily basis just for identifying with a particular religion has solidified my hypothesis that ideology plays a pivotal role in their undergraduate career.

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