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The degree of adornment indicates this individual is of high ranking social status.

All are approx 2.5" tall Top, center figure is — Peru 300 AD - 500 AD A large Moche ear spool from ancient Peru.

0 — Peru 900 AD - 1100 AD An adorable Chimu dog stirrup vessel from the North Coast region of ancient Peru.

5 — Mexico 250 AD - 650 AD A Pre-Classic (Phase I) Zapotec miniature vessel from the Monte Alban region of Central Mexico.

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For additional info and a photo of a nearly identical example, reference page 103, image 212, of "Seeing with New Eyes" Highlights from the Michael C.

He wears a large headdress, likely representing a stylized bird.

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The site can gain exclusive rights over youruse theprofile info as soon as you post them on the site and then they can lawfully distribute them across other dating sites without any notification to you – source Pastebin.

Rounded bottom and flared sides, nicely polychrome painted in multiple colors.

Used in ancient times to apply body paint and decorate woven fabrics, sellos were made as cylindrical roller-types and flat stamp-types.

A custom metal display stand is included for added stability and safety.

A very nice and well made example that is substantial in size.

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