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How do you write your message to make that all important first impression? When you apply to a new job, you would start by telling your prospective employer a little bit about yourself in the cover letter, right?Say your prospective match is an environmental activist.For example, if she volunteers for an animal shelter and has pictures of herself with pets, say, “I notice that you love working with pets.I got my dog from a rescue agency in Chester County. You have found a way to relate to her and opened the conversation for something she loves.Would you send in a sloppy resume and a one sentence cover letter to apply to your dream job?

How about meeting me at Green Engine Coffee on Tuesday at 8pm?

” Don’t leave it to the other person to suggest a time or place, even if you think you are just being accommodating.

Take the initiative and make it simple for the other person to accept. If she responds with hers, send her a text the day before you meet up to confirm.

If she likes to read fan fiction, what are her most recommended titles?

If she’s a foodie, what are her favorite local restaurants?

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