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With successful careers, investments made during the “boom” years, and inheritances from parents or husbands, they are more financially empowered than any previous generation of women.

Of the 743 women of wealth interviewed with at least million in investable assets, 61.2% accumulated their fortunes through corporate employment, their own or a family business or a professional practice.

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– The more mature luxury consumer places the highest priority in making memories and experiences.Women are the primary buyers for computers, cars, banking, financial services and a lot of other big-ticket categories. – Affluent working women with family incomes of ,000 or more are growing in number, and 94.3 percent access the Internet during an average month.– The Baby Boomer Generation has more money, leisure time and technology than any other generation in history. In a two-year period, the number of wealthy women in the U. About half are now considered heavy users of the Internet, while heavy use of radio, television, newspapers and direct mail has declined within this group.He told his transgender patients who were freezing their eggs that they had a ‘small, but not zero chance of their own DNA being in some baby in the future’ because fertility treatment was often unsuccessful.But he said egg freezing was about ‘preserving options’Last year High Court judge Mr Justice Hickinbottom ruled that ‘JK’, who had switched from male to female, must be listed as ‘father’ on the birth certificates of her two children, conceived before she started hormone therapy.Only 38.8% of the women had married into or inherited their money.– High-net-worth women account for 39% of the country’s top wealth earners; 2.5 million of them have combined assets of .2 trillion.They don’t buy things to have more things; they want the experience to go along with it.Luxury consumers expect superior quality and are extremely discerning.It is saying: ‘OK God, you stuffed the plumbing up, so we are going to sort it out.We are going to let someone conceive when nature would not let them.’At a time when NHS authorities across the country are having to ration cataract operations, hip replacements and even hearing aids to make ends meet, should taxpayers really be asked to fund fertility treatment so men can give birth?

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