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(5) The individual is under sixty years of age and resides in a medicaid-funded NF at the time of application.(6) The individual is under sixty years of age, is determined by ODM to be eligible for the HOME choice ("Helping Ohioans Move, Expanding Choice") program in accordance with rule 5160-51-02 of the Administrative Code, and resides in a residential treatment facility as defined in rule 5160-51-01 of the Administrative Code, or an inpatient hospital setting.(D) If an individual fails to meet any of the requirements set forth in paragraph (A) and/or paragraph (B) of this rule, the individual shall be denied enrollment on the Ohio home care waiver program.(E) Once enrolled on the Ohio home care waiver program, an individual's NF level of care shall be reassessed at least annually, and more frequently if there is a significant change in the individual's situation that may impact his or her health and welfare.

(4) Waiver nursing services may be provided on the same day as, but not concurrently with, an RN assessment and/or an RN consultation as set forth in rule 5160-12-08 of the Administrative Code.(4) The individual is under sixty years of age, lives in the community and is at imminent risk of institutionalization due to the documented loss of a primary caregiver.In such instances, there must be written evidence (such as a doctor's order, a death certificate, or documentation that the primary caregiver is institutionalized or relocated out of the area) that substantiates the primary caregiver is unavailable to provide care and support, and without Ohio home care waiver services, the individual will require care in an inpatient hospital setting or a nursing facility (NF).(H) The number of individuals enrolled in the Ohio home care waiver shall not exceed the centers for medicare and medicaid services (CMS) -authorized limit for the waiver program year.Effective: 7/1/2016Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 04/15/2016 and 07/01/2021Promulgated Under: 119.03 Statutory Authority: 5166.02 Rule Amplifies: 5164.02, 5162.03, 5166.121 Prior Effective Dates: 4/4/77, 12/21/77, 6/1/80, 5/1/87, 4/1/88, 5/15/89, 3/1/92 (Emer), 6/1/92, 7/31/92 (Emer), 10/30/92, 4/30/93 (Emer), 7/30/93, 7/1/98, 9/29/00, 8/1/01, 3/1/02 (Emer), 5/30/02, 7/1/06, 2/8/09, 12/1/14 This rule sets forth the definitions of the services covered by the Ohio home care waiver.Also dreaming of finding my true love, a man I can give all my love and tenderness and share a As for me, I am a very tender and sincere lady. In future Hi there my name is Mike I am a single full-time devoted parent of a little girl who is eight years old she is my world I work at a wonderful company called Lincoln Electric I have my own place two vehicles and I live I believe in order to be fair and consistent its vital to have standards in life guided by ones principles and values...I would aspire to have a husband as a great and best friend with whom I can share my emotions, I like kind, honest and loyal man.(b) Nursing tasks and activities that shall only be performed by an RN include, but are not limited to, the following:(i) Intravenous (IV) insertion, removal or discontinuation; (ii) IV medication administration; (iii) Programming of a pump to deliver medications including, but not limited to, epidural, subcutaneous and IV (except routine doses of insulin through a programmed pump); (iv) Insertion or initiation of infusion therapies; (v) Central line dressing changes; and (vi) Blood product administration.(2) "Personal care aide services" as defined in paragraph (B) of this rule may be reimbursed as waiver nursing services when provided incidental to waiver nursing services as defined in paragraph (A)(1) of this rule and performed during an authorized waiver nursing visit.(5) In order to be a provider and submit a claim for reimbursement of waiver nursing services, the RN, or LPN at the direction of the RN, delivering the service must meet all of the following requirements:(a) Comply with all applicable rules set forth in Chapters 5160--46 of the Administrative Code.(b) Request reimbursement for the provision of services in accordance with rule 5160-46-06 of the Administrative Code.

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