Nurse dating dr bailey

;-)Meredith Grey glanced from the chart to her watch and back again before making another notation. She was just about to reach for the tiny blood pressure cuff when the quiet, but stern voice of her mentor rang out over the mechanical cacophony."Go home, Grey."Meredith glanced up and blinked in surprise. "Under Pressure" aired before the twenty-third episode.The season finale was conceived as a three-part story arc, the first of this kind in the series, and was scheduled to air on two consecutive nights.

She has guest starred on a number of TV shows, including The Good Wife, Conviction, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and The Wire.

Bailey in his recently introduced role as Joe the Bartender.

"Straight to Heart" aired one week before the winter-holiday hiatus ended, recapping the most memorable events of the first season and the first half of the second.

So, in what feels slightly like a death wish, I'll be working on both of these at the same time. "Days like today make you want to be with the people you love." The words were hard and bitter, filled with the kind of awful resignation with which Meredith was all too familiar.

That said, here's the first installment of "Dignity." Consider this a prologue. "I'm surprised Shepherd hasn't dragged you off yet."Meredith jolted uncomfortably at the mention of Derek.

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