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Dan Schoening Tristan Jones Erik Burnham Evan Shaner Blair D.

Shedd Felipe Torrent Erik Evensen Charles Paul Wilson IIICory Smith Tom Bancroft Otis Frampton Sara Richard Sean Galloway Drew Rausch Matthew Dow Smith Anthony Marques Alex Deligiannis Rachael Stott Corin Howell Tim Lattie Pablo Tunica Tadd Galusha Mark Torres Dan Schoening Luis Antonio Delgado Nick Runge Alan Robinson Tristan Jones Erik Burnham Jose Holder Casey Maloney Gale Eltaeb Mike Henderson Mickey Clausen Peter Zaragoza Chris Madden Xermanico Danny Cruz Jeremy Colwell Freddie E.

On March 2, 2012, Erik Burnham tweeted it is generally a "vague present" but "if it had to be tied to a specific year it'd be 1994-ish." On October 30, 2011, Tristan Jones hinted a character appearing in Issue #5 will help give solid verification that the ongoing comic is not in continuity with The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters. After Volume 2 Issue #20, the continuity will continue into a 4 issue mini-series crossover with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, starting in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters #1, and after that, the 4 issue mini-series crossover with The Real Ghostbusters starting in Ghostbusters: Get Real #1.

The continuity continues into an annual in 2015, a Volume 3 of the ongoing titled Ghostbusters International, a second annual in 2017, a six issue mini-series crossover with the Answer the Call Ghostbusters, starting in Ghostbusters 101 #1, a five issue mini-series sequel crossover with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, starting in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters Volume 2 #1, a third annual and 8 issue maxi series in 2018.

", slated to begin in February 2014, depicting the Ghostbusters, Chicago Ghostbusters, and former Ghost Smashers battling a giant creature.

Just before Ghostbusters: Infestation 2 was released on March 23, 2011, Erik Burnham was given the opportunity to pitch an ongoing series.If sales does well, IDW is more likely to approve a longer storyline (and consequently longer trades).On April 11, 2013, Jones revealed he pitched a Ghostbusters annual featuring a John Tobin story that would be the thrust of the issue just like "The Man Who Sought Death" in Ghostbusters #8 and Dan Schoening, Luis Delgado, and Erik Burnham would tell a contemporary story alongside it, but the pitch was not greenlit.In the ad, behind Janine, are photographs of various characters that have appeared so far in the ongoing series.On November 12, 2013, Tom Waltz posted a second teaser for "Mass Hysteria!Samhain was planned to appear in the International arc but there wasn't any more room as the writing went on.On December 11, 2011, Erik Burnham elaborated that each trade collection will collect four issues.The pitch included 16 issue's worth of Burnham's vision for the series.On March 30, 2011, an advertisement with art by Dan Schoening hinted at a new monthly comic book series starting in September 2011.Williams IIAdam Archer Albert Carreres Esther Sanz Alberto Muriel Vanessa Banos Tom Smith Ivan Barriga Ester Salguero Ricardo Sanchez Arreola Adam Guzowski Roberto Goiriz Ryan Lee Andy Belanger Shari Chankhamma Kevin Eastman Ronda Pattison Ozzy Fernandez Tony Kordos Adam Gorham Paris Alleyne Brent Peeples Jerry Gaylord Matt Slay Shannon Ritchie Cory Smith Ian Herring Robert Atkins Simon Gough Erica Henderson Evan Shaner Joe Quinones Chris Uminga Corin Howell Carlos Valenzuela Maria Santaolalla Rachael Stott Dennis Calero Jose Luis Rio Tim Lattie Bart Sears Andy Smith Neerai Menon Dave Wachter Karl Moline Tomi Varga Tim Lim Chris Campana Ian Nichols Pablo Tunica Donny Tran Tadd Galusha Chris Johnson Mark Englert Mark Torres Ben Bishop Charles Paul Wilson III Ghostbusters IDW Ongoing Series is the American published comic series that started in September 2011.The first volume ran for 16 issues from September 2011 to December 2012.

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