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I got out of bed, took her by the hand, and walked her into the bathroom.I ordered her to sit in a wooden chair, facing away from the door.I then got a pair of her underpants and stuffed them in her mouth, then covered her mouth with duct tape, then put a wrestling mask on her face, covering everything but her eyes and nostrils.Then I wheeled a TV and VCR into the bathroom and put on one of several porno movies that she and I made together. When we first met, I was 28 and looked much younger while she was 40 and looked several years older.Furthermore, I was in great shape from a healthy diet and regular exercise while she was obese and a smoker.Though she had a very pleasant personality and was fun to be with, we didn't have a lot in common; not as much as I hoped I'd find in a wife.Furthermore, while she was fairly intelligent, she was not well educated, in contrast to me, and that came through and resulted in some communication gaps.

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I often joked with her that if the people who saw us in public together saw us behind closed doors, I'd love to see their reaction.

I moved into her apartment rather than of vice versa, since hers was more conveniently located.

She was sterile, so tension over contraception failure was a non-issue.

Every time we had sex, I could tell by the look of sheer intensity on her face and in her voice that it was an obsession with her; that she was in her own world of passion and concentrating all of her energy into bringing both me and her as much sexual pleasure as possible. It was a Saturday morning and I was going to run a marathon that day.

Debbie assumed that she'd be going along, but was surprised to learn that I had much different plans for her.

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