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And while I did love her, I didn't respect her because of her absence of self-esteem and the way she cared for herself.But the sex was so amazing that it more than made up for everything else. When we first met, I was 28 and looked much younger while she was 40 and looked several years older.Furthermore, I was in great shape from a healthy diet and regular exercise while she was obese and a smoker.I used cable ties to tie her wrists to the arm rests and her ankles to the legs of the chair.

We said our first "I love you" to each other just two weeks later and we married in a quickie ceremony just three months after we met.

I was so captivated by her husky, sexy voice that I called her back immediately.

I knew she would likely be in bed asleep, but that's how crazy I went over her ad.

We decided that we'd consider adoption when we were ready.

Debbie and I turned out to be an even more amazing sexual match together than I expected.

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