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Sky has promised that they will venture far from the metropolitan middle-class life regularly depicted by BBC sitcoms, and Trollied is duly set in the Warrington branch of a fictional supermarket called Valco.The admirable difference from Outnumbered and Miranda was obvious from the start, with Horrocks joined by a full cast of blue-collar characters.The Future of Fashion host demonstrates some of dating's biggest faux pas, including sharing unwanted physical ailments, being on your phone, and eating rather loudly.

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The investigation of the crime proceeded sluggishly.

Jeffrey had quite reasonable suspicions that the investigators would not be able to find the killer.

A grief-stricken father managed to cope with emotions.

But plus ça change: despite Horrocks having an acting CV that stretches from Life Is Sweet to Little Voice via Absolutely Fabulous, Trollied was set in a supermarket not a million miles from your average Tesco.

It’s the first of half a dozen new scripted comedies to be shown by Sky1 over the next few months.

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