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Some changes can be chalked up to the changing landscape of print media, especially considering the competition with new media — traditional comics give way to Web Comics with an Infinite Canvas, news magazines give way to news websites that can be easily up-to-date, actual print give way to e-books and the internet, and so on.See Network Decay for the television and radio equivalent.Now, after founding the Addis Foto Fest in 2010, Muluneh creates African images that speak to the world.Read more and see the pictures at » — Related: Tadias Spotlight: Aida Muluneh in Mo MA’s Being: New Photography 2018 Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.If it starts overlapping with politics, then it can cross over into Strawman News Media.Nothing to do with characters having to reload their guns more frequently.After all, housewives like housekeeping and like George Clooney, so why not combine them?(Adding in ever-more celeb gossip figures in more than half of the below examples).

Combining the shocks of color and crisp geometries of abstract painters like Frank Stella and the disturbing micro-thrills of Man Ray’s fashion pictures (see: the mysterious extra pair of hands in slide 2, or the unlikely angle and skin color of the model’s reflection in slide 4) with the body painting, materials, and traditions of her native Africa, Muluneh’s pictures are designed to short-circuit your eye.S.—and therefore, as she has said before, felt like an outsider everywhere.After working as a photojournalist with the Washington Post, she returned to Ethiopia to explore her heritage through her photography.Which is necessary if you’re going to be pulling off the crazy stunts these kids were performing.” The culture editor of the website added: “One of the most memorable and unique performances on Season 3 of Little Big Shots is delivered by the Kiriku Brothers.The foot juggling Kiriku Brothers have all kinds of tricks, including where one of the older ones uses his bare feet to juggle a younger brother with nothing else but his feet.I really hope it will get the recognition it deserves in the coming year.This sweet and amazingly talented singer/song-writer takes me on a musical journey to the heart of the Bay Area and Brooklyn, as well as to the countryside of Ethiopia.(Note: the Kiriku Brothers aren’t all related.) The Kiriku Brothers troupe hails from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.This isn’t the Kiriku Brothers first time on television.Two of the brothers were just on Spain’s Got Talent in February.Spanish singer/actress and Spain’s Got Talent judge Edurne Garcia hit her Golden Buzzer for the Kiriku Brothers.” Watch: Little Big Shots – The Kiriku Brothers (Episode Highlight) ) – Per New York Magazine: “After starring in 2009′s Desert Flower, model Liya Kebede continues her crossover into film.

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