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What we finally agreed was this – we would NOT cancel the installation because in order to do that we would have to cancel the entire order and rebill me immediate – but my credit would not arrive for 7 to 14 days – which was unacceptable to me.

She told me that she spoke to the installers was letting it go through and that someone would CALL me in 4 to 6 hours – that they said it could be delivered next day and they would give me a time frame. to cover some of the installation costs that I was paying in error) she would send me a $ 100 gift card.

So while ordering I took a date for delivery of Tuesday the 15th, and received a confirmation e-mail telling me I’d get an e-mail the night before with a window of delivery time. with your online chat trying to find out what happened.

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Your account was registered on Twoo after you accepted the invitation you received from one of your email contacts by actively clicking on the activation link.

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:) Twoo only sends you invitations when one of your friends has requested this.

Hey Yogita, we’re looking into the unsubscribe flow, thanks for reporting.

You deleted the account and I’ll make sure you won’t get any future invites either.

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