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If you would like us to delete the account for you, please contact us at [email protected]:) Twoo only sends you invitations when one of your friends has requested this.Okay great – at least she worked with me to get a plan to get me the dryer etc.

Ya hemos comprobado que el problema está solucionado.Hey Yogita, we’re looking into the unsubscribe flow, thanks for reporting.You deleted the account and I’ll make sure you won’t get any future invites either.I make fifty dollars per hour – and thus your merry-go-round cost me 0 so far, not counting the 1 out of my account you took and no dryer.FINALLY I got a person on the phone – her name was Jeanie or Janine – her supervisor was Cody (one) – who did NOT transfer me – but actually tried to help me.The history is this – last week I ordered an electric dryer on line – order # [protected] – paid in full by credit card for dryer, removal and installation.I later learned that I should not have paid for installation as I don’t need that on an electric dryer, but that’s such a small portion of the issues here that I’ll just quickly suggest that a nice feature on you site may have been to tell me that while I was ordering – rather than take the extra $ 129 dollars.So after I got to work and still had not hear anything I began my phone calls, those phone calls took me a TOTAL of 147 minutes throughout the day on the 15th – and I was told many different things by many different people that day.Those things included: “oh you didn’t need the installation because it’s electric so the installation department looked at that ticket and didn’t know what to do with it so it sat there” ~ “your physical address came through as xxxxx we can’t see the address so we could not deliver”…but the most common thing I heard and by FAR the most frustrating was that I was talking to the wrong department and had to talk to someone else.So while ordering I took a date for delivery of Tuesday the 15th, and received a confirmation e-mail telling me I’d get an e-mail the night before with a window of delivery time. with your online chat trying to find out what happened.That took so long that I had to leave for work, the person I was chatting with said yes they could send me an e-mail following up – which they never did and so began my nightmare with Sears.

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  1. , fans have grown to love the reality star's realness and candor over the years. I try to respect that."The MLB stud stays so far away from the press that some fans even wonder if the twosome is still an item."Because I'm so protective of my family, I think the misconception is that we're not together. ' But that's just me trying to do things differently than before."One huge difference viewers may soon discover is how the couple handles their future wedding.