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A few studies are required by the new law, such as an evaluation by the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy on the impact of broadband speed and price on small businesses.The bill also establishes a grant program for organizations to track and promote Internet usage.Many Yahoo employees don't want to join Microsoft's workforce, but they see the bid as a catalyst for change, one way or another.As a result, the mood is surprisingly buoyant and business as usual among some Yahoo executives, according to one source familiar with the company.

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He predicted Yahoo will do anything it can to fight a Microsoft takeover, even if it means turning to Google for help.Also, Google domains are unlikely to be blacklisted, Websense says.This screenshot shows network analysis of a bot cracking Gmail's captcha mechanism, a more sophisticated attack than one used to crack Live Mail's captcha technique, Websense says.Even though the two agreed to put aside their differences in July , it's pretty clear that they never actually became friends."We at OLPC have been disappointed that Intel did not deliver on any of the promises they made when they joined OLPC; while we were hopeful for a positive, collaborative relationship, it never materialized," Negroponte said in a statement distributed by the OLPC on Friday.If Jerry's smart he could use this as a rallying cry." Still, you could say the mood at Yahoo is mixed.For some who fear that they will be laid off in the coming 7 percent cutbacks , Microsoft's proposed takeover bid just gums up the works even more.Engineers and product managers who would like to see the company rally on new products say the thought of a drawn-out acquisition that raises more cultural and management questions than answers them is distracting."With the pending layoff..this acquisition stuff, it's hard to focus on anything," said one Yahoo employee who asked to remain anonymous."Most people want to win and something bold needs to happen, so this could be the catalyst to make that happen sooner one way or another," said a source inside the company."Either Yahoo steps up and does something bold, or Microsoft takes over.

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