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A man in a dark suit is seen watching Gordon from another tram, later to be known as the G-Man.

Nothing seems to be out of place, except a chemical leak that forces the tram to momentarily stop.Most are simply reacting naturally to their new surroundings, but even more hostile are the creatures glimpsed earlier, known as Vortigaunts, who seem to attack with a single-minded intent to kill.Gordon also occasionally witnesses the G-Man, watching him from out-of-reach places.Waking up back in Black Mesa, Gordon makes his way out of the Test Chamber.He manages to reach his colleague, Eli Vance, who informs him that all communication outside Black Mesa has been lost.This chapter finds Gordon passing through various storage and staging areas, continuing his hunt for a way to the surface.He learns that the soldiers rumored to be coming on a rescue mission have already arrived.Immediately after pushing an alien sample into the scanning beam, the system goes critical, triggering a Resonance Cascade.This opens an inter-dimensional portal between Earth and a bizarre alien world known as Xen.Eli requests that Gordon try to reach the surface in order to find help.Black Mesa has suffered massive structural damage, and aliens from Xen begin randomly teleporting in all around the facility.

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