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And maybe Wang Yi's story won't focus entirely around a dude?

And maybe Zhang Chunhua will have a more distinctive personality than 'evil wife'?

Particularly painful was having to go through 2 full battles to gain that 1 character, whilst regular main story battles tended to yield 3-6 new people a time. There were too many characters for the game overall really...

It could work wonders as Zhou Yu or Jiang Wei perhaps...

So I think I would have to rank WO1 highest personally (I also liked the layout of the story mode best), but like I said, really enjoyed all 3 The whole 'time-travel' element of WO3 had a lot of potential (I particularly loved it when strategists updated their plans in accordance to having already fought the battle) and did refresh the storyline a bit, but it all got so very predictable in the end, so could've been better utilised for me.

'character dies, another character that has just joined you miraculously remembers the event largely responsible for the characters demise, goes back in time to alter that such event, previously-soon-to-be-dead character says thanks and then completely ignores you and makes you have to replay their death battle again anyway, before they finally join you.

I just read reviews for them and they didn't sound that appealing but hearing it from actual fans who aren't getting paid to promote the games, gives me a better idea on how they are and if they're worth it. It wasn't great as his past looks or his DW7 or now DW8. It's the regular Twin Swords for Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei keep their updated Halberd and Pike from XL, Tonfa's for Sun Ce, Twin Batons for Da Qiao (retained from Empires) and Zhang Jiao keeps the regular Staff (so Pang Tong looks to be changing)Check out Zhang Jiao's hair LOVE! Yinping looks very terrible, but her weapon seems cool. I'll assume Xing and Bao aren't going to have completely terrible personalities...

Probably start with the first and keep going if I like it. Guan Xing and Zhang Bao have always been two of my favorite Ro TK characters. I'm not holding my breath for Yinping, though (hey, maybe now they're filling out the cute little girl roster they might return Yue Ying to her respectable and intelligent look?

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