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Guan Yu's basically just same old Guan Yu but with a nice little hat; can't complain. Zhang Jiao would actually be nigh perfect were it not for the hair. Xiao Qiao has her sister's terrible taste in boots, but who the *bleep* cares.Sun Ce looks badass, though: it's a little mismatch, he's broken away from the old Roman conqueror schtick, and whilst the shapes and garments aren't exactly unique the style and patterns are; brilliant.I thought the storyline in the original WO was decent - it was all original then; Orochi rising up, land goes into chaos, DW/SW cast initially small in number, fight there way through, picking up new people, to the inevitable showdown. I also like how the DW and SW people have no idea who each other are in the first game, whilst of course in 2 and 3, they've all met already, so there's better character interaction overall.

All the same, getting to play as so many characters was fantastic!

Particularly painful was having to go through 2 full battles to gain that 1 character, whilst regular main story battles tended to yield 3-6 new people a time. There were too many characters for the game overall really...

aside from the 3 you start with, the mystics and Kai, everyone else was largely forgotten a battle or two after having gotten them to join you.

^The screenshots of Gan Ning and Ling Tong weren't particularly exciting but it shows their weapons at least. what the heck is going on there I hadn't realised he was sporting a really long ponytail either. Niether he nor Ling Tong have ever been characters I've been that fussed about, but all the same, on standing there next to the epicness that is Gan Ning, they're looking sub-par at best...& I'd love to see Yue Ying looking 'respectable'...

I see what you mean about the single 'half trouser leg' on Huang Gai Tiger of Wu ...

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