Most intimidating nfl players

Maybe he’s played a bit dirty at times but the hits certainly haven’t gone unchecked as he’s one of the top NFL benefactors when it comes to fines.

Even at age 38, the workout warrior is one of the strongest dudes in the league today.

“Some men get vasectomies; I used to give them,” he once said. The devastating tackler got his nickname “Concrete Charlie” when a sportswriter said that that the concrete salesman was "as hard as the concrete he sells."His legendary 1960 hit on Frank Gifford is still known as one of the most devastating plays in football history.

Another player with a fantastic nickname whose style of play was acceptable at the time, but today would get him escorted out of stadium in handcuffs and an invoice from the league office for a bazillion dollars.

And while most NFL players could come across as intimidating to the average American, only a select few have the ability to intimidate their peers and opposing coaching staffs around the league.

Here we show you the 10 most intimidating players in the NFL today.

Said Bill Belichick, the Giants' defensive coordinator during Taylor's prime years: "What makes LT so great, what makes him so aggressive, is his total disregard for his body.” In a kill-or-be-killed game, his body was the ultimate weapon.

The National Football League is chock-full of some of the most intimidating human beings on the planet.

Which is scarier, the glare or the knowing that he’s searing the soul with his glare behind the visor?

It’s truly hard to fathom that Bennett entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent.

The former Texas A&M standout has developed into one of the premier defensive ends in the league, and the Seahawks likely wouldn’t have won Super Bowl XLVIII without his contributions to their historically dominant defense. The attitude and swagger he plays with are game-changing attributes that help make the Seahawks one of the most feared defensive teams in the game.

There had to be an offensive lineman on the list and we could have chosen a number of maulers like Anthony Munoz, Nate Newton or John Hannah.

Dobler was special because he was flat-out nasty and relied on pain-inducing, rule-breaking tactics to make his way in the trenches.

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