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Online dating puts the power in your hands, and gives singles a common ground to start off with – I’m single, you’re single and we both want to meet someone.

I know, it is life changing to partner with Tina, and only for the better.

It’s part of a healthy lifestyle,” Olivia Mannix, chief executive of Cannabrand, a marketing agency for cannabis companies, told The Washington Post in April.

So, it’s only natural that Cannabiniers would want to make a coffee that will help you get, er, rolling in the morning.

“Late last week, as part of its legal claim, New Zealand Beekeeping provided additional information about the impact of the definition on multifloral honey.

Also, we were presented with a summary of new analysed test results from an industry science group.

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  1. She says, ‘[I prayed that] my husband was out there somewhere, he was alone and that wasn't good. I began to tell the Lord that me and my husband had a purpose and a destiny that could only be accomplished with the two of us together.” She prayed fervently against obstacles and barriers that might stand in the way of God’s will for her and her husband – even before knowing who he was. I was excited about the promise even though there was nothing and no one in view.