Marriages that resulted from teenage dating

Thirty years later, my wife and I are still thankful that we made the decision to grow up together through our 20s.

But my father's apprehension in 1980 has become the trend of this new millennium.

I explained that we did not want to become "established" and then get married; we wanted to go through that adventure together.

We married the summer before my senior year with little money, a tiny apartment, and endless dreams of our future.

However, the accumulation of his highly accelerated and sexually charged relationships had left him feeling empty and alone.

After several months of exploring his past relationship patterns he decided to delay sexual involvement until he married and to build more serious friendships and romantic relationships with his goal of having a fulfilling marriage on his horizon.

The starting point is a reconsideration of the claim that early marriages contribute to higher rates of divorce.

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In addition, there is a smaller selection pool as you reach your early 30s (by age 30, 75 percent of the population are married).

And what happens in relationships today will affect any future marriage.

For better or for worse, the principle that "you reap what you sow" holds true.

Several researchers examining the attitudes toward first marriage of 800 young adults ages 19 through 26 use the term "marital horizon" to talk about what young adults think is the ideal age for getting married.

They found that having a more distant marital horizon was directly related to more risky premarital beliefs and behaviors.

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