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#CEOLife #FML 5) Drugs and narcotics will not be tolerated unless you have the appropriate medicinal licensing. Digital DJs are encouraged to share their beats poolside.6) There will be a 0 puke charge for any public displays on the Shore Club premises. 3) Go out of your way to meet as many of your fellow uberettos as you can.Among the dos that Kalanick advised: “Have a great fucking time. We’ve all earned it.” He also noted that “Miami’s transportation sucks ass,” the first shot in what became a battle to have Uber serve that city.That was the tame part of the email, which Kalanick actually sent again the next year when there were 1,800 employees at Uber.But sources said Kalanick was proud of his letter to the team and spoke about it often.But later staff memos about company gatherings were much less frat brother in tone.

If and when you find yourself talking to a non-Uber (look for the wristband), keep confidential stuff confidential... don't talk about internal process, and don't talk about initiatives that have not already launched. #Slang as many Miamians, drivers, influencers as you can as passionately as you can and let them know why Uber will make this great city an even better place. #CEOLife #FML.” FML, in internet slang, means “Fuck my life.” Welcome to Silicon Valley startup culture.According to sources, while many companies send out warning emails before events, Kalanick was advised not to send this email because of its tone, which some execs thought too cavalier.To: Uber Team Hey guys, I wanted to get some important information out there.I've put together a Q&A that we can use when other folks ask what we're doing here, and have some DOs and DON'Ts for our time here in Miami. __________________________________________ Q&A - If I've missed anything, or you just have a random question, please reply to all on this thread! A: Uber has recently rolled out to its 50th global city.We are celebrating this company milestone and others and have organized a local grassroots movement to help bring Uber to Miami.#Miami Needs Uber Q: What does the Chinese symbol 九 stand for? It is a symbol that has internal meaning at Uber but is something we do not discuss externally. A: It's a celebration of a major milestone for the company, as well as a chance for us to hold a company-wide retreat and organize our efforts globally.Titled: “URGENT, URGENT - READ THIS NOW OR ELSE!!!!!,” he also noted at the top: “You better read this or I'll kick your ass.” The event, which came after Uber rolled out its 50th global city, used a Chinese symbol for the number nine.I have translated these concerns into a clear set of common sense guidelines. DON'Ts: 1) No lives should begin or end at 九 2) We do not have a budget to bail anyone out of jail. #CLM 3) Do not throw large kegs off of tall buildings.Please talk to Ryan Mc Killen and Amos Barreto for specific insights on this topic.

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