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I have translated these concerns into a clear set of common sense guidelines. DON'Ts: 1) No lives should begin or end at 九 2) We do not have a budget to bail anyone out of jail. #CLM 3) Do not throw large kegs off of tall buildings.

Please talk to Ryan Mc Killen and Amos Barreto for specific insights on this topic.

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According to sources, while many companies send out warning emails before events, Kalanick was advised not to send this email because of its tone, which some execs thought too cavalier.And while staying under the radar might feel like wishful thinking, other equally prominent companies have managed to do this successfully in the past.---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Travis Kalanick Date: Friday, October 25, 2013 Subject: 九 Info: URGENT, URGENT - READ THIS NOW OR ELSE!!!!!To: Uber Team Hey guys, I wanted to get some important information out there.I've put together a Q&A that we can use when other folks ask what we're doing here, and have some DOs and DON'Ts for our time here in Miami. __________________________________________ Q&A - If I've missed anything, or you just have a random question, please reply to all on this thread! A: Uber has recently rolled out to its 50th global city.In fact, it was at the Florida event that one top exec got in trouble for inappropriate sexual behavior, which became an issue related to his resignation.The reason the email has also gotten more pertinent recently is because two law firms — Perkins Coie and Covington & Burling — working on investigations about corporate misbehavior at Uber have the email and are looking at whether it helped created the party atmosphere that led to the sexism and sexual harassment, as well as general corporate mismanagement.It's the one time that everyone in the company can meet in person all the people we work with every day._________________ I have gotten a list of concerns from the legal department.In what is arguably an unusual email for the very top executive to send to employees, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick advised his staff in case they decided to have sex at a company outing in Miami in 2013.Internally called the “Miami letter,” it is a saucy rulebook for the then 400 employees at the company, who were headed to Florida’s Shore Club for what was a party-focused celebration of the car-hailing company’s success.

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