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If you need help for actually installing PHP/Apache/My SQL, read this blogpost: Installing MAMP (Mac OS X Apache Maria DB PHP) using Mac Ports.Another way to get a current X11 installation on your system is through Mac Ports.The final result on your Terminal screen should look like this: Issuing the That’s it! If you like the post / video tutorial make sure to give me thumbs up on You Tube!In the next post I will show you how to install and configure Apache web server from Mac Ports.If you get an error message it means you did not run it in new Terminal or the installation did not succeeded.

Mac Ports should be installed into the default location /opt/local.Those are the other ports that Git is dependent on.In another words to use Git you have to have them installed as well. The beauty of Mac Ports package management is that when you are trying to install a program that has dependencies that you don’t have, the port will first download, configure and install them before installing the port you asked for.For that we use git-core @ (devel) Variants: bash_completion, [ ]credential_osxkeychain, [ ]doc, gitweb, [ ]pcre, python26, [ ]python27, svn, universal Description: Git is a fast, scalable, distributed open source version control system focusing on speed and efficiency.Homepage: Library Dependencies: perl5.12, curl, zlib, openssl, expat, libiconv, python27, pcre Runtime Dependencies: rsync, p5.12-error, p5.12-term-readkey Platforms: darwin License: GPL-2 LGPL-2.1 Maintainers: [email protected] blog post will take you through step by step instructions of installing Mac Posrts and show you the most important commands to get you started.Before you can install and use Mac Ports you must have Xcode installed on your Mac.To do that you use command: directory by default and for that you need administrator (root) privileges.After issuing this command, port will check Git dependencies and start downloading, compiling and installing.If your installed location is different from the default one, then you must adjust the path in the instructions below to use the location of your Mac Ports installation.If Mac Ports is not yet installed on your system, then please first follow the instructions on the Mac Ports web site (https:// before continuing.

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