Lupe fiasco is dating

-pay), is an American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur.

He rose to fame in 2006 following the success of his debut album, Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor.

I knew fiasco meant a great disaster or something like that, but I didn't realize that the person named Fiasco would be the disaster, and that you should be calling other MCs fiascos—not yourself..kind of humbled me in a sense.

It taught me like, 'Yo, stop rushing, or you're going to have some fiascos.'" When Fiasco was 18, he began creating music as a solo artist in his father's basement, even though his parents were not keen on having their son be a rapper.

He scoured flea markets and secondhand stores, where he was able to find an old mixing board and a record player, stacks of vinyl records, and mic stands.

At age 19, Fiasco joined a group called Da Pak, which was influenced by other California gangsta rappers such as Spice 1 and Ice Cube.

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When the music cuts off, you have to go home and live with what you say." After turning away from gangsta rap, he developed a greater appreciation of the lyricism of Jay Z and Nas.

After a two-year delay, Lasers was released in March 2011 to mixed reviews; however, it became his first album to debut at number one on the Billboard 200.

His latest album, Drogas Light, was released in February 2017.

His mother described him by saying, "He was a great spirited child.

Smart, a bit complex; he kind of was a loner; he didn't hang with a lot of people... Always had a book bag over his shoulder and some type of a writing tablet." Fiasco's father allowed him and Bishop to make mixtapes in his basement, and the two gained notoriety at the school for their music.

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