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Annastasia teases and gets what she wants I walked out of the cool shade of the house into the garden and there she was. The sun glinted off her body and I could see rivulets of sweat running down the sides of her body and between her pert breasts, atop of which were some decorations around her nipples - which were taught and erect in expectation.

She was blindfold, but had probably heard the patio door slide open, such was her heightened hearing with the sensory deprivation.

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There was her thigh tattoo, and as I moved around taking in this work of art before me, the sun glinted off the two labia rings that she had recently acceded to.

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Somerset is still famous for its apple orchards, apple cider and apple wines.

The tree seldom grows larger than twenty-five feet high.

Apple blossoms are a favourite of bees, who thrive on the nectar.

Current apple cider varieties now produced in Somerset are classified into different groups: sharp apples have high acidity and low tannins, whereas bittersweet varieties have low acidity and are higher in tannin.• Sharp: the Frederick apple• Bitter-Sharp: the Kingston Black and Stroke Red apples• Bittersweet: the Yarlington Mill, Dabinet and Hangdown apples• Sweet: the Court Royal and Sweet Coppin apples In Glastonbury, cider apples trees have been planted in the Wellhouse Lane Orchard at Glastonbury Tor by the National Trust and Glastonbury Conservative Society.

History Man’s relation to apple trees dates back to prehistoric times.

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