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Shedffle ' deputies, search-ahd-rcscue volunteers lond local parombdia waited expectant ly, but ±e car was , unoccupied' In a typical year, three to five vehicles are fished' out of the Twin Falls Canal Co.systen L.. Another, employee found Coates and called to help to free him. Emeigenqy crewn responded quickly and cardiopulmonary resuscitation was-* performed on the downed worker, who .

^ ' Page A2* MAgic Valley Ra^ft r^ux: Air Force issues rep^ on proposed bombing .rangfc ' - Page: Bl Section BY SECTION Section A Nation: ;.34 The'ffief*/ppflfenf^l Kblcflrin*the^ed lot's office, removed the keys,' and drove The cor lot recendy acquired the fear but there had been a-di^te with tiie fon^ owner, Hancbey said. Shortly before 1 p.m., diver Kenny Hiilse of'Buhl attached a'.choici.to'tbs submerged car and a heavy-duty weedi- er raised it frbm the depths.

He gained stature as a cridc of the late M^r Richard J. tired.' X-xundprstand, but he is very positive, very opd- 'ha Bom'Het.'wi Uhoih^e.” . What had been one long building running along Saddle Road was split into two, pro- ject architect Joey Scanga said, adding that a corner which had been planned os a solid rock wall now would be open commercial space.. ; ' hi' the Horse Bowl mem- ' hers pressed buzzers to be the ' fim to answer questions about . beingquiet" ’ The state Horse and Pony Coimdl competition will be held tills 'year in Gooding July 7-8.-. ■•» ■nc cam tomlnm t*A Hmv Boiil sine Don cm* avtn OMea Oeutr- tot Wuv )ton Cam Bms ao Mr«. he frwved to ^ Mexico and then moved back So^o ..where she received the guhl area in I960, where he Port rcs Wed s Ince that time, attended and graduated from on Nov. WEST, SUITE J COST: *13 Includes: cholesterol, triglycerides, ^L, LDL, nsk factor, and glucose Fast for 12 hoursjjefore bloc Kl Is driaw^^ (You should have nothing to eat or drink except. ' « When you return to comp for ' 'dinnef,afewbour biter the meal . 1 enclose a good photograph and a stamped rehum envelope for the photo. A Me Uiod of payment: □ Check or money order enclosed , □ VISA O MASTERCARD . Area resident Jim Deshoyers spoke to the com- mission in opposition to the proposed rezoning. Ho moved to Twin Falla when he was just a Thelma t Ihampson He ownedhls own horse ranch In • Thelma. , i Si MAGIC VALLEY REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER 6 3 0 A b p I' s.'p N AVE WEST • . Daley with ^pouoain who toiereteainosm ' andooiriqitioh. In tys^ toog^iit^d MA fiidiv '--ion, Royko 'suggehed the'e^^s • motto of “Urbs In' Hbrto^'” in a garden —should • to *061 Esc Mea";*i^ .whcrp? ' - The bbok so ih£uriated;the Daley family cbqt'the;mayoris '. But the approval left many issues for the May 12 PUD review to sort out ' Noting the long list of condi- tions attached to the commis- sion’s decision, Fallowfield said, “This PUD’s going to be big stuff." In other business: With sever^ members of the public up in arms over a pro- posal to rezohe a parcel of land known informally as the Park and Ride, the planning and zoning commission Monday sidestepped the issue once again. For more informationi,:can 737-2021 Making Magic Valley the healthiest place to live. Murrab Federal Building that killed 168 people and injured more than 500. Teny Tflcbol^ a hfifhigan native, be tri^ n ex t fin tli A i Mmo fhnrg^ ' Fortier, who has beep given immu- nity from prosecution to her testimo- ny, said she first, met Me Vei^ When - be came home with her future hus- Ple^ see TRIAL, Pa^ A2 Armored carriers moveiii; leader’s lawyer urges caution FORT DA'VIS, Texas ~ Two armored personnel corriers’ rolled into ’.place Tuesday in the siege of the Texas seces-* sionists as dieirleaaer’s:law^ warned of ' 1 ^another Waco” if officers move into an ■ arii^; ; .'^^niieie’s.’^dw'potenri^’^ lot of Jdl Uzig r and, that’s wahrto stopi’T said.' : Terry O’Rourke. Mc Laren;se^■procl^i^rof^d;ambassado^•Y■^^y^* SL : of the Republic of Texas.'.,* ’i' .y. Lows in the tdd to upper 30s.' Thut S(^y 'windy and. Mo^ doudy with s ca t t e r ed iaia and snow ~y showers. Tonight' doudy and breexy with occasdonal;' ' rain. The' accident is under invesdmtioa and nobodyknows.howithappcneo.” ■* t Ihe fatality at the Tv Ai Falls plant is the first in 26 years and will be invesd- The flat, shutde car is computer-con- trolled ond runs on tracks on ground, ' ■ usually traveling about 3 mph. .'; ', equipped with an electronic-eye beam, \ which if broken slows the car down to 1 mph, Handley said. 'llpjn.;looknear Thurus,abo TCFla Udet.- lower 20s In the Stahlqy' lafin. There also is a safety ' bw to stop the metal car, which is 12 feet wide by 20 feet long., Coates worked 22 years at the Twin Falls ploxit and had lengthy experience on a machinery that prints, folds and glues boxes, Copenhagen said. ' ”Iha purpose is mi determine die cause ‘• '-''Qf (he arn'tirnt, all-die factors that lead lt and-all the tfain 9 to prevent it Apd ; whether OSHA standards have been vio- lated which may have contributed to the ardent,” said Jerry Hockett, assistxint . ' ' The container plant was started-in 1970 and employ 150 people. Maragos woke up ‘Diesdi^ morning wjt^ no job and no home, and he went^b- deep Tuesday night with $^000 from' a stranger who’s pledged.m OIions for loto flood victims. wef Tinth Wax)mui' was "an easy target.” "Tiffl specified that the building he was planning on bombing was the - Oklahoma City buildings” said Fortier, of Kingm^ Ariz. "He said it was an easy tai«t and it was a build- ,. Lunar phase; Last quarter, April 29; 1 6; first quarter, May 14; full, May 22.

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