Live flasher cams

You can even geotag your live stream and share it with your entire social network, so everyone knows where you are!Probably one of the most underrated features of a phone is the ability to take notes at random whenever something happens to pop into your head.Sky Map gives you the names of stars and tells you where to point your phone to see certain planets. Your smartphone's camera doubles up as a handy video camera - most newer phones can even record in high definition - which you can use to shoot videos on the move. If you want to make more of your mobile hardware, why not stream your videos live to the world (or just a couple of close friends) using Bambuser instead?

Using AR, they allow you to point your phone skywards at night and get a fascinating overview of all those little lights.You can go one step further than basic note taking and start using the power of your camera plus the Evernote app to take picture notes too.The real beauty of this is that anything you snap that contains text will be recognised by Evernote, allowing you to categorise the picture and search the text later, so it effectively writes notes for you.Thanks to augmented reality technology, you can discover a world of pretty interesting things right outside your front door using apps like Junaio and Layar.What they basically do is reveal things on your phone that you wouldn't be able to see using your eyes, like events that are going on or where to find discounts nearby.It will even point you in the direction of essential information, like the nearest cash machine or underground station.Another great feature available to Android phones is the ability to convert documents into printable PDFs, simply by using an app like Handy Scanner, which snaps a photograph and then magically turns it into a PDF.Simply point it at what you want and it will pull information relevant to it straight to your phone.If it's a famous landmark like Big Ben, it'll beam you a complete history of the building. Augmented reality in phones has been around for some time now and tools like AR translation apps are great, but nobody ever seems to show you how to use the technology for fun.Gotya is an app that takes advantage of your Android handset's camera to catch a light-fingered fiend in the act by snapping a photo of them when they try to bypass your phone's security login screen.It then not only emails the picture to you instantly, but also tells you the thief's location, so you can tip off the police to their whereabouts.

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