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would not do for a Pope, for he is mindful only of the interests of the Church and is unresponsive to the reasons of princes." In 1602 he was made archbishop of Capua.

He had written against pluralism and non-residence of bishops within their dioceses.

He was one of the most important figures in the Counter-Reformation.For the study, 100 participants were divided into two groups.One group was given an essay to read from among eight choices by respected writers such as George Bernard Shaw.He entered the Roman Jesuit novitiate in 1560, remaining in Rome three years.He then went to a Jesuit house at Mondovì, in Piedmont, where he learned Greek.As bishop he put into effect the reforming decrees of the Council of Trent.He received some votes in the 1605 conclaves which elected Pope Leo XI, Pope Paul V, and in 1621 when Pope Gregory XV was elected.This double release - of thinking through events without concerns for urgency and permanence, and thinking in ways that are different than one’s own - may produce effects of opening the mind,' the study continues.It's not clear exactly how long the more open-minded thinking could last after reading a work of fiction, but the researchers think it's clear the effect is stronger in long-term readers, meaning it's likely their brains become programmed to think in a more creative way and be less likely to need cognitive closure.but his being a Jesuit stood against him in the judgment of many of the cardinals.Thomas Hobbes saw Bellarmine in Rome at a service on All Saints Day (1 November) 1614 and, exempting him alone from a general castigation of cardinals, described him as "a little lean old man" who lived "more retired".

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