List of accommodating resistance machines

I struggled to reconcile the image that I had of Westside with the results that I now saw before me.I remembered all the positive things I had heard about Westside in my life, but now I remembered some of the negative ones, even the most gently negative ones that hadn’t seemed like insults at the time.Louie will tell you that this is universally superior for building strength (and some studies exist to back this up) but I would argue that they’re most superior for geared lifters due to the principle of specificity: the nature of the elastic bench shirt or squat suit changes the lift to be more akin to what you would see with accommodating resistance, meaning that training with accommodating resistance has more carryover for geared than raw lifters.

Speed days serve as your volume days, however these tend to be very low volume as well: you’re doing 1-3 reps for 8-12 sets with a submaximal weight and a certain amount of band resistance as quick as you can.Then I attempted 455, thinking this would also be easy. Confused, I took a quick break, dropped back down to 405, and then started building back up again. My deadlift had dropped by roughly 70 pounds during the time I spent at Westside.My other lifts were similarly discouraging: my bench press went up a meager 10 pounds, and my squat had decreased by the same amount.I have struggled to write this piece and publish it for quite a while, in large part because I have nothing against any of the wonderful lifters I met at Westside and have nothing but respect for Louie and the crew.During those two months, I did nothing but train Westside, sleep, eat, and play video games.When I returned home to Detroit in August, I hadn’t tested my maxes in two months, the entirety of the time I spent at Westside.However, I was highly optimistic that my numbers had improved.Westside uses very low volume on the primary lifts.On max effort days, you’re building up to a max using singles, on a variation of the primary lift.I spent an entire month of deadlifting every day and found myself pulling 495 again at the month’s end.I did as much research as I could to explain the results I was seeing and why Westside wasn’t working for me.

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