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I spent an entire month of deadlifting every day and found myself pulling 495 again at the month’s end.

I remembered all the positive things I had heard about Westside in my life, but now I remembered some of the negative ones, even the most gently negative ones that hadn’t seemed like insults at the time.This had the disappointing effect of adding exactly (0) pounds to my squat while also causing my deadlift to suffer (500ish) due to lack of training.(This is in large part due to some anatomical issues I have which make it hard to build my squat.) That June, I went out to intern at Westside Barbell.Then I attempted 455, thinking this would also be easy. Confused, I took a quick break, dropped back down to 405, and then started building back up again. My deadlift had dropped by roughly 70 pounds during the time I spent at Westside.My other lifts were similarly discouraging: my bench press went up a meager 10 pounds, and my squat had decreased by the same amount.While I don’t deny that speed can be a useful variable in making an exercise more effective, this still adds up to a relatively small volume.With deadlifts, you’re supposed to do singles, literally coming out to 8-12 reps total.Even with the bench, at three times that, you’re looking at 24-36 reps.This is a solid amount of volume, but not nearly as much (nor at as high of an intensity) as many programs geared towards raw lifters would suggest. To be fair, Westside balances this out with an extraordinary amount of assistance work relative to many other programs.Louie will tell you that this is universally superior for building strength (and some studies exist to back this up) but I would argue that they’re most superior for geared lifters due to the principle of specificity: the nature of the elastic bench shirt or squat suit changes the lift to be more akin to what you would see with accommodating resistance, meaning that training with accommodating resistance has more carryover for geared than raw lifters.This explains why I was seeing my banded deadlift lockout continue to rise while my standard weight deadlift went down: because I was training the lockout more and more while my off the floor was getting weaker.

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