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A match was signed for Summerslam 1994 for the two Undertakers to fight each other to see how actually had the real one.Paul Bearer had the real Undertaker of course, and Ted Dibiase just had Brian Lee dressed as the Undertaker.You got to put it out there because people could probably really benefit, you know? The hosts did not take it easy on the WWE Diva and songstress as she was grilled throughout the interview with questions regarding Vince Mc Mahon's alleged sexual exploits, WWE wrestlers using steroids, and WWE's futile attempts at comedy, among other topics.

You kind of get a very quick crash course in life." Witnessing her parents' domestic abuse: "I don't really know if I understood at that point what I was really witnessing."He's awesome," Lilian says of the Chairman of the Board."This is my eleventh year working with the company. I would not have stayed or come back'cause I was gone for two-and-half-yearsand I came back.I would not have come back if it was a bad organization. It's a great organization." - Artie says he hates today's wrestlers because "they're all in too good shape." He prefers "big goofy-looking guys" like King Kong Bundy over muscular John Cena-types.Nick says "they're all juicing." In response, Lilian notes that all of the WWE wrestlers get drug-tested. If you look at anybody years ago, fitness has come a long way," she adds.Highlights from the interview are as follows: - Artie asks Lilian whether she slept with any wrestlers before she got married, and if WWE chief Vince Mc Mahon ever made a pass at her.She says "no," adding that she "has really good friends." Artie says she has morals, but then ponders how she could get a job working for Vince Mc Mahon by having morals.I just remember one night my sister and I in Texas - I think this was one of the last nights we were at my house in Greenville, Texas.My mom, I could hear her crying of like pain or sadness or something and my dad, things were breaking.His last appearance was for TNA ( Total Nonstop Action ) between 2002 - 2003 under his real name Brian Lee.He has appeared in small time independent promotions throughout the last 6 years.

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