Levels of dating relationships

In a few rare instances we find partners traversing the entire scale from the lowest to nearly the highest levels.

Relations are positive at this level when the partners enjoy one another's companionship.

They become negative when either or both partners try to dominate or when they compete with each other. Affection - Affection is emotional enjoyment of the other person which emanates from the heart. When affection is very physical, it can be possessive.

When it is vital, it can be dominating or demanding. Admiration - The heart's affection is intense, but it is difficult to sustain that intensity unless there is also an element of admiration for the other person.

It is a state free from self-consciousness, expansive, lost in the moment, oblivious. It is at once the highest and the most intense of all romantic experiences.

It fills the mind and heart with ecstatic delight and saturates the nerves and body with honey-like sweetness.

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