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I try to keep my distance, but sometimes a friend of mine will be in town working on one and I’ll go. The first time, someone will ask you, “What was it like working with ____” and you’ll say, “He’s an interesting guy and a good actor. LAURA RAMSEY: I’ve done a lot, but not like extreme amounts of them. CHRIS NEUMER: Somebody told me that he liked the phone a lot more because he had to do much less to get ready. On the off-chance I do phone interviews, I always ask people now if they’re clothed.The last time I was at one of these conventions, I met up with an attractive female friend of mine and hung out with her in the booth. I enjoyed riffing with him and he kept things lively on set, which really aided our chemistry together. CHRIS NEUMER: Do you have a preference on the type: phone vs. LAURA RAMSEY: With the phone thing, it’s okay, but I feel like in person you get more out of something.Dern and Davis were photographed leaving the Beverly Hills Hotel on December 20 where they enjoyed a cozy lunch, Us Weekly reported.An eyewitness told Us Weekly that the two were seen “talking, laughing and having a great time.” They also indulged in some PDA. Dern’s last high-profile relationship was with actor Billy Bob Thornton back when she was a young, up-and-coming star.There’s nothing like the magazine questions, asking you what kind of underwear you wear when you go to bed, nothing like that. CHRIS NEUMER: I hate this unholy city and everything in it. Oh, that’s grim.” My company is even called Grim Entertainment. LAURA RAMSEY: Well, I’m corporate now, so I got to choose a name, and that’s what I chose. Is there anything that was particularly strange to you about the nature of the business? LAURA RAMSEY: I’ve actually gotten that before: they think I’m too pretty for a role. I tested for a movie that just did really well and they wanted to have someone with brown hair and all that. There are so many girls and there is so much competition. I feel like–here comes my guilty conscience again–I feel like as long as I’m religious, I feel like God’s watching over me and it sounds really weird, but I feel like whenever someone else gets something that I didn’t, I feel like there’s a reason for that. If they get something, I’m happy for them because it wasn’t meant for me, so whatever I get is great. If I don’t get something, I figure God hates me and is punishing me. CHRIS NEUMER: I got sun burned jogging on the beach the other day.It’s just about whether you find dating actors hard. Back in the day, there used to be the kind of thing where, “If you sleep with me, I’ll give you the part.” That’s why they call it the casting couch. CHRIS NEUMER: This is the acting world equivalent of this situation: I’m talking to my daughter, she’s 18, and I say, “Have you ever had sex? ” A) I can’t believe you’ve never heard of this, and B) this is pretty cool. Like Don Simpson, he was Jerry Bruckheimer’s producing partner until he died in ’95. Here, it’s like the cheating on the wives, and all that stuff. Like maybe a thank you after the interview was just as important as the interview, not wearing Ugg boots to something, anything like that? CHRIS NEUMER: So it’s not something where you’re like, “Lacey Chabert, you bitch, I can’t believe you got that part! LAURA RAMSEY: (laughs) But you’re out here writing and doing what you love. CHRIS NEUMER: I’m actually still up in Chicago, I just come out here every other month or so. LAURA RAMSEY: I love the weather and I love Laurel Canyon, the country store is the best. CHRIS NEUMER: That’s the way I feel about where I live in Chicago.

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Don’t they have anything else to do other than be on the computer and talk about people’s outfits? CHRIS NEUMER: It was for LAURA RAMSEY: That was my hippy dress and I like my hippy dress. I hate buying expensive clothes, so I go to the flea market and get everything there for cheap and I wear them because I need to make a statement. CHRIS NEUMER: Some people have told me that they’d like to be in a car with a felon on the run because their name would get out there. Something where you can get bigger or smaller or change your look, or lose a lot of weight because you’re a drug addict or gain weight too.He famously left her in 1999 for Angelina Jolie, with whom he had a tumultuous three-year marriage.But as stated before, Dern is riding a career high and has been in a number of other high-profile projects this past year, including Showtime’s “Twin Peaks,” Netflix’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” and the movie “Downsizing.” Meanwhile, “House of Cards” icon Wright, 50, reportedly spent the holidays in Lake Tahoe with a handsome executive for the French fashion house Saint Laurent.CHRIS NEUMER: So you’re probably turning down the interviews with with a photo shoot, is that something you’d turn down? LAURA RAMSEY: If that happened, I’d have to decided then and see what the benefits were to me then. Laura Dern and Robin Wright are each riding career highs and proving that actresses of a certain age no longer need to settle for unglamorous supporting roles playing, for example, the mother of some hot young male star.In fact, they’re showing that actresses 50 and older can exude plenty of glamour, allure and power on screen and off.You have to work and I would feel like a miserable, miserable, lost soul if I ever had to do that, or I’d feel so sorry for the girls that do that because it’s not going to get them anywhere. CHRIS NEUMER: But you have heard of that kind of thing going on still? I didn’t know I could call Warner Brothers and ask for x,y and z, and they’d send them out because we have a magazine. Little things like calling my manager, like I didn’t want to bother her. CHRIS NEUMER: There’s no way to say this without sounding very patronizing, but that’s extremely cute. LAURA RAMSEY: Yeah, who’d have ever thought I’d ever be in Montreal or Vancouver. Also looking at things, I saw you got a picture of yourself on gofugyourself wearing a dress to the premiere. CHRIS NEUMER: It’s a web-site where they post pictures of celebrities wearing different things and make snarky comments about them. CHRIS NEUMER: You’ve apparently never googled yourself, huh? I’m looking at your arms and wondering if it’s even possible for you to lose “a lot” of weight.I don’t know what I call them, because I can’t quite accept them as my colleagues. I’m not beyond that debate, but A) it won’t take place while I’m dressed like a storm trooper and B) not while I’m surrounded by thousands of people. CHRIS NEUMER: I’ll send you the bill, but I warn you, I’m so good, it’s going to be pretty high.I was talking about this earlier today: a reality TV show focused on a booth of hot women down at San Diego’s Comicon. You would never have anything to do with this scene if it weren’t in your contract, as evidenced by the fact that you don’t know what they are. You’ll hear a lot of the same questions over and over and over again. LAURA RAMSEY: (laughs) CHRIS NEUMER: Have you done a lot of interviews at this point?

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