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Decades of changing social mores will have that effect - along with the way so many TV dramas have been ‘inspired by’ (or just copied) the theme of a female member of the aristocracy involved in a dangerous liaison with someone of a different class or creed.

(Lady Mary, Lady Sybil, and Lady Rose from Downton Abbey, this means you.)Lady Constance Chatterley’s affair with her gamekeeper Oliver Mellors looked particularly conventional compared to Ken Russell’s series with Sean Bean and Joely Richardson in 1993 or coming just weeks after the perverse excesses of The Scandalous Lady W.

In some strange way, this movie Is too pretty to be sexy.

The performances are all right, but that doesn't help, since performances do not seem to be the point in a movie like this.

Here is the most controversial erotic novel of the 20th century, reduced to the visual style of one of those Penthouse layouts where the model in pantaloons goes down to the stable to tickle the groom with her quirt. There has to be something more to Lawrence's original story than closeups of Lady Chatterley pushing back the shrubbery for a closer look at Mellors taking his bath.

But nobody ever quite recaptured the charm and the eroticism of that original film. Just Jaeckin, the director, and Sylvia Krlstel, the star, are back with "Lady Chatterley's Lover," which has been shot with great care and dedication and no end of soft-focus filters and glistening lips--but, alas, it just doesn't work.

Even the flower-power second version features a section in the ninth chapter that delineates the relationship between the English aristocrats who own the coal mines and the poor workers who line their pockets, and how that relationship has been altered by industrialization: “Mining had become less and less a personal affair, it was part of scientific industrialism, with the artisan hordes on the one hand, the exploiting capitalists on the other. Yes, the film makes mention of the First World War, the epochal bloodletting that haunts the entire book, in the opening scene introducing Clifford (Hippolyte Girardot), Lady Chatterley’s husband, who’d been paralyzed in the war and can no longer have children.

It represents the community colliers in one terrific, nearly wordless scene that has her Ladyship watching them as if they were mysterious creatures viewed from a telescope.

" as petulantly as he can, and polishing his self-pity.

Nicholas Clay is a classically trained British actor with an impressive list of credits, but what, I ask you, can he really do with a symbolic log-splitting scene?

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