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Anglo-Normans founded the town in the 13th century, which became a stronghold of the Earls of Desmond, who built a castle.John Fitz-Thomas Fitz Gerald founded the monastery of the Dominican order and was buried there in 1260.First unveiled in 1905, the original Pikeman stood until the Irish War of Independence.

By the 1880s, Fenit Harbour was built as a deepwater harbour; it did not suffer from silting.The latter held many land titles in West Kerry and also claimed property in Tralee.Sir Edward Denny, 4th Baronet was a notable landlord in his day: during the time of the Great Famine, he maintained rents to suit his tenants, when other landowners increased them. The modern layout of Tralee was created in the 19th century.Tralee saw much violence during the Irish War of Independence and Irish Civil War in 1919–1923.In November 1920, the Black and Tans besieged Tralee in revenge for the IRA abduction and killing of two Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) men.A railway line was constructed between the harbour and Tralee to carry cargo and freight from ships moored there.The canal fell into disuse and neglect, and was finally closed by the mid-20th century.It has a monument of two cannons commemorating those Kerrymen who died in the Crimean War (1854–56) and the Indian Rebellion (1857).Ballymullen Barracks was the depot of the Royal Munster Fusiliers., meaning "strand of the Lee (river)") is the county town of County Kerry in the south-west of Ireland.The town is on the northern side of the neck of the Dingle Peninsula, and is the largest town in County Kerry.

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