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But this Real World: Sydney hottie is no push over and never backs down from a fight.On The Island, Kelly Anne stood up for herself against not only Dunbar, but Johnny Bananas, and outlasted powerhouse Rachel to earn herself a prized key.“The Emmys, the Miss America pageant was very politicized. It looks like the ratings are suffering,” she said. “They got plucked and polished and some of them didn’t eat for two months, all for what?To sound the same.” She said that while the celebrities at the ceremony “are entitled to their opinion,” how “does it really fit?, but their relationship was plagued with so much drama (with both Johanna and Wes sleeping with other people to make the other jealous), it was a miracle they even lasted as long as they did.During the reunion, the couple even talked engagement! Now Johanna is a happily married mom of one son, and Wes is engaged to his girlfriend, Amanda Hornick.

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But Kelly Anne's determined to stay true to her boyfriend back home and resist falling back into old habits.Jamie pouts, “Now I have to do this with some girl who I personally think belonged in a mental hospital.” Once you stir Kelly Anne up, she stays hot, “He’s disgusting. We don’t see eye to eye.” Can these two put the fireworks on hold and focus on the game?Or is it just a matter of time before these ticking bombs explode?Not one to bite her tongue, Kelly Anne's outspoken bravado could spell trouble in a game where rocking the boat can sink her chances and get her booted.Bio: Bold, outspoken and funny as hell, Kelly Anne may not seem like Challenge material at first glance.Next week we could have earnest Kelly Anne in front of the camera professing that they just cuddled and fell asleep together.) Earlier in the day, Kelly Anne received a honkin' bouquet of flowers from Carey, a guy she met at a bar who asked her out.He seemed perfectly nice -- although his fashion sense was a tragic indication that Eurotrash has made it Down Under.This is the same Kelly Anne who gave one of her roommates a lapdance in the confessional room during the first week in Sydney, but whatever -- she's become instantly Amish.Back in the house, Cohutta quizzed Kelly Anne about how her date went, and was obviously a little giddy that the guy turned out to be a dweeb.Well, we have what appears to be the first hookup of the Sydney season, as Kelly Anne and Cohutta moved beyond flirting into something physical, which the roommates fear (and producers doubtless hope) could develop into something disastrous.(Take all this with a grain of salt -- it sure did look like they were taking things to the next level, but who can tell with editing, really?

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