Kelly anne real world dating

But this Real World: Sydney hottie is no push over and never backs down from a fight.

On The Island, Kelly Anne stood up for herself against not only Dunbar, but Johnny Bananas, and outlasted powerhouse Rachel to earn herself a prized key.

Back in the house, Cohutta quizzed Kelly Anne about how her date went, and was obviously a little giddy that the guy turned out to be a dweeb.(A white wide-pinstripe blazer, a ripped-collar shirt, jeans and white tennis shoes. ) He took Kelly Anne to an expensive restaurant on the water, and then later asked if he could kiss her.Kelly Anne only gagged a little and said that it would be too forward on the first date.Well, we have what appears to be the first hookup of the Sydney season, as Kelly Anne and Cohutta moved beyond flirting into something physical, which the roommates fear (and producers doubtless hope) could develop into something disastrous.(Take all this with a grain of salt -- it sure did look like they were taking things to the next level, but who can tell with editing, really?Next week we could have earnest Kelly Anne in front of the camera professing that they just cuddled and fell asleep together.) Earlier in the day, Kelly Anne received a honkin' bouquet of flowers from Carey, a guy she met at a bar who asked her out.He seemed perfectly nice -- although his fashion sense was a tragic indication that Eurotrash has made it Down Under.However, despite all of Kelly Anne's hard work, she failed to take home the final prize.This time around, Kelly Anne comes to Thailand with a new reputation as one of the most feared women in the game.Not one to bite her tongue, Kelly Anne's outspoken bravado could spell trouble in a game where rocking the boat can sink her chances and get her booted.Bio: Bold, outspoken and funny as hell, Kelly Anne may not seem like Challenge material at first glance.

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