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American rapper and TV reality contestant Ahmad Givens, has been diagnosed with stage four colon cancer and is currently in the hospital.

Stage four generally means the cancer has spread to other parts of the body.

Real has been in five celebrity relationships averaging less than one year each.

California native Ahmad Givens was raised on an Arabian horse ranch in Northern California before moving to Los Angeles.

Last week doctors informed him it was colon cancer.

Leigh Janiak Leigh Janiak is the lovely wife of screenwriter, Ross Duffer also known as one half of the Duffer Brothers, creators of hit Netflix series, Stranger Things.

Real had felt ill in January 2013, suffering flu-like symptoms, and was misdiagnosed several times before he was told in March 2013 that he had stage 4 colon cancer.

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The remaining single name is the "family name" (Ehename), which will be the surname of the children.Leigh’s hubby and his twin brother, Matt, were born February 15, 1984 and …[Read The Whole Story...] Ahmad Givens is married to Racquel Givens, they have a 3-year-old son named Ahmad Elijah Givens.My son kept me going because I knew he needed me and I needed him so I fought to be here for him."He often sought comfort by visiting horses.He and his brothers were raised on a ranch in Northern California, where his father bred Arabian horses."I needed to get out and be with these peaceful creatures," he said in an Instagram video.I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do for you."Real told the website that his mother was with him at the time and that he had to call his wife and tell her the news, which was the hardest part. Of course its ultimately God,but she literally nursed me back to health.Almost exactly one year ago, he penned a moving tribute to his wife on Instagram, saying, "If it wasn't for this beautiful woman, I don't know where if be or if I would be doing as well as I'm doing." Hey everyone, I just want to share something personal with you all. She cooks,she cleans,she takes care of our household,she takes care of me and our son,my business,my doctors and she never complains.I truly appreciate all the birthday wishes and your continued love and support. Working out is a huge part of beating cancer even if your just doing 10 minutes of cardio a day. If you plan on lifting weights,lift light with more reps.50 percent of people who workout do a lot better when it comes to beating cancer. This was the surgery where they removed tumors from my rectum and left side of my liver......So yesterday they took me off chemo completely cause none of it works anymore."God was number one and my family was number two," he said."God just really blessed me with abreast strong support system. And on those days when I was down, I didn't let anybody see that because I didn't want them to get down.

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