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The first Christians were Jewish and the early spread of Christianity was aided by the wide extent of the Jewish diaspora in the Roman Empire.

Though Jesus was not accepted as the Messiah among Jewish leaders, worshipers of the diverging religions initially co-existed within the Jewish synagogues, reading the Old Testament, singing the Psalms and joining in the various rituals of the Jewish calendar.

A new understanding of the relationship between Catholics and Jews is also reflected in the revised liturgy of Good Friday in a particular way.Related Pages: - Famous Jews - Famous Catholics - Famous Jewish Anglicans - and Jewish Episcopalians Related Links: - Half - with section about Famous Half-Jews - Intermarriage - Why Not?- data about Jewish intermarriage - The Center for Jewish/Catholic Studies - Salvation is from the Jews - notable Jewish Catholic converts - Review of Below is a list of famous Jewish Catholics (or Catholic Jews, or Hebrew Catholics).At the time their first child was born, Alda ceased Catholic Church activity and his wife mostly lapsed from Judaism.They raised their children in "a loosely associated 'free thought' style of religion, the family nevertheless celebrates religious holidays--both Catholic and Jewish" Fred Zinnemann and Renee Bartlett: film director Zinnemann was essentially a non-observant Jew.Christians moved away from Jews in subsequent centuries, but modern Catholicism has retained much of its Hebrew literary heritage, the Old Testament (Tanakh).Even as pagans and gentiles increasingly began to attend Christian worship, the Jewish framework remained strong.Christianity did not receive legal recognition until the 313 Edict of Milan.The reign of the Emperor Constantine elevated Christianity to the preferred religion of the Roman State - while reducing the position of paganism and Judaism, with Christianity becoming the State church of the Roman Empire in 380.Relations between Catholicism and Judaism deals with the current attitude of the Catholic Church towards Judaism and Jews, the attitude of Jews toward Catholicism and Catholics, and the changes in the relationship since World War II.Christianity started as a Jewish creed in Land of Israel in the mid-1st century.

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