Jehovah witness beliefs on interracial dating

But despite not actually engaging in homosexual activity, just because we are gay, we are something that Jehovah apparently detests.It is such a struggle because we know (as many have said to me) we are not considered as normal and have to wait for Jehovah to fix us in paradise.Can you imagine what this does to young men in the organization?Saying that being gay is not normal and we have to be fixed, especially when to us our feelings are completely normal and natural to us.They see their mission as primarily evangelical (disseminating "good news"), to warn as many people as possible in the remaining time before Armageddon.

She still has the hope and possibility to find a marriage mate. Having friends in the truth does not make up for it.I may be gay, but that does not make me a pedophile.In fact, I was still a virgin and did not want to engage in sexual activity with any person due to my love of Jehovah.The thought to be with a woman is simply not there, for some of us it just isn’t something that could ever be considered.When we overcome temptation, like the thought of stealing or viewing pornography, we can feel proud that we overcome it and have Jehovah’s favour.Yes, I know it only refers to those who are practising homosexuals, but knowing how God hates homosexuals and knowing that I am one and can’t fix that is mentally debilitating. Sometime afterwards, I messed up and engaged in light homosexual activity.I kept it concealed and was eventually appointed as a pioneer.When I was 17 a brother from a neighbouring congregation and I formed a friendship and inappropriately touched each other. A gay worldly couple started studying with Jehovah’s Witnesses up in Birmingham.He confessed to the elders and we were both privately reproved. At this point I had not accepted I was gay and because of the judicial procedure the elders and my family had to be told. They accepted it as being true and decided to separate in order to get baptised.It becomes a lonely life with no prospects in that regard. Other brothers did not feel comfortable to invite me on holidays that they arranged.Several congregation events were organised, and I was asked to pick up a young brother from a nearby village. I learned that his father did not want his son and me alone in the car.

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