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If the Mfr ID value is a 3 then it selects the item from the drop down list with a 3 like it should.The error I received was that the input was not in the correct format. To set the time and date independently, you can do something like this: Date Time fields in the database will always have both a date or a time. Find Control("txt Time"); Text Box txt Date = (Text Box)row. You can ignore one or the other if it suits your purposes, but it will still be there, and you'll need to work around it. Try Parse Although I am not very good in vb but this might help you in making logic Private Function Convert Date(dt Str as String) as String Dim dt As Date Time If Not Date Time. Find Control("txt Date"); It is unable to find the txt Time and txt Date control. This is a raw snippet, so if you are searching for an idea to insert or update a value in form view iteminserting event this will help for a beginner. In this snippet, fictitiously i am going to catch title value and generate its slug and also add inserted date to a record in the table.

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The error makes sense now since the sproc was looking for an integer for its Mfr ID parameter. The only issue I had was a boolean value in my Edit Template.protected void Details View1_Item Updating(object sender, Details View Update Event Args e) private object clean Bind Value(string Dirty Value) I realize this is kinda old, but I had to thank you for this.

The read only displayed the date and time correctly though. for further details look the following thread: Post.aspx?

The issue occurred when the data was being updated back to the database.

Akal *********************************************** If the two values represent the time and date for the same piece of data, it's definitely better to combine them in the same field. Okay, so I tweaked the AJAX Masked Edit Extender control Mask proper to use only "" instead of "" and it works!

It'll simplify reporting, comparisons, etc in the long run. Text is AM However, when I went into debug mode, the problem is these two lines: Text Box txt Time = (Text Box)row. This way there are no missing millisecond if not typed by user.

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