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This contradiction paints a picture in which social and religious conservatives are competing with progressive elements within Indonesian society.It could be argued that the popularity of, and the backlash against, and Ayo Poligami are some of the visible manifestations of these deeper ongoing tensions.The unofficial nature of such marriages has often meant women married in this way enjoy few rights.In more serious cases, “nikah siri” has allegedly led to instances of underage marriage as well as short-term marriages that were a front for prostitution.’s review of has confirmed that the site was explicit in its encouragement of female virgins to register in exchange for financial benefit.SEE ALSO: Indonesia: Fisheries minister goes from strength to strength Blocking sites like is important and necessary when they impinge on the safety and well-being of women and girls.

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While academics and activists interviewed by unequivocally condemned, opinion was divided on what the site reflected about gender equality and women’s rights in Indonesia more broadly.

The responsibility lies instead with all Indonesian leaders – women and men, secular and religious – in ensuring that the antiquated ideas about women, which give birth to sites like, are pushed to the fringes of Indonesian society, if not completely discredited.

The Bible is an incredibly candid book when compared to the religious writings of other traditions.

At the same time, studies by researchers Riatu Qibthiyyah and Ariane J.

Utomo point to the rise of the average age of marriage for Indonesian women between 20.

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