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This is a fair question to ask, particularly in light of the fact that the launch of occurred just weeks after an Indonesian judge stated that women should be subject to “virginity tests” prior to marriage. In 2015, Human Rights Watch drew attention to the ongoing practice of “virginity tests” for women seeking to join the Indonesian military or police force.While academics and activists interviewed by unequivocally condemned, opinion was divided on what the site reflected about gender equality and women’s rights in Indonesia more broadly.Dwi Rubiyanti Khalifah, Indonesian representative of human rights organisation Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN), said she viewed as a “criminal” enterprise but opined “nikah siri” is a “small phenomenon” compared to the significant improvements in women’s rights in Indonesia, particularly in health, education and legal reform.SEE ALSO: Facebook suspends user for posting historical photos of topless Indonesian women In contrast, Dr Rachel Rinaldo, assistant professor of sociology at the University of Colorado Boulder, told “While I see the apps and websites as being more like ‘publicity stunts’, I do think they represent a certain worldview that sees women as being tradeable commodities, not fully human, and that is obsessed with male control of women’s bodies and sexuality.” This view of the threat to women’s rights by patriarchal elements was shared Dina, who said “and Ayo Poligami are reflective of a wider pattern of entrenched discrimination against women (in Indonesia), just like the ‘virginity tests’ and the introduction of the array of religiously inspired local regulations which specify certain expectations about …Some factors behind this shift include better access to education and more paid employment opportunities for women, potentially suggesting greater empowerment for Indonesian women.

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“Nikah siri” is a form of marriage recognised under Islamic law but is not regarded as official by the Indonesian government.

SEE ALSO: Indonesia: Fisheries minister goes from strength to strength Blocking sites like is important and necessary when they impinge on the safety and well-being of women and girls.

However, such actions alone will not address lingering patriarchal attitudes that lead to discrimination against women.

These sinful actions had real consequences from which we can draw lessons, and David’s repentance gives us a model to follow when we fall into sin.

Likewise, the Bible records many instances of polygamy in the Old Testament, involving even some of the patriarchs of Israel.

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