Is john frusciante dating anyone

I couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming group of people or situation.

These are three people who deserve to be making music and to be making it with other people who care as much about it as they do.” Josh Klinghoffer even provided the title for the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album.

Josh Klinghoffer-tall, slouchy, unshaven and so painfully quiet it can be physically exhausting to draw a few sentences from him-is dressed down in formless trousers, a T-shirt and windbreaker.

Anthony Kiedis and Josh Klinghoffer share a quick laugh over their contrasting sartorial choices, then fall to quietly examining the curious selection of funky old guitars that Josh Klinghoffer has brought down for the shoot: a yellow Harmony Stratotone Newport from 1952, an equally archaic Silvertone, and an Airline with a broken jack.

But while he shares a certain core aesthetic with John Frusciante, he is very much his own man.

Where Frusciante is epic in scope, piling on the guitar, keyboard and vocal orchestrations, Klinghoffer is more inclined to make a telling statement with a single plaintive guitar line or artfully chosen chord sequence.

By Alan Di Perna Photos by Travis Shinn FOR DECADES, VENICE BEACH, CALIFORNIA, has been the refuge of hipsters, free spirits and outsiders of every description.“Just being in the same room with these guys is an honor, let alone making sounds with them.They have such a history and connection with one another.Klinghoffer shares Frusciante’s experimental edge and offbeat tonal adventurousness.Just listen to the new guy attack the outro to “Goodbye Hooray,” one of many standout tracks on , tearing off angular, frenetic lead lines worthy of Steve Howe on “Gates of Delirium.” With an arsenal of archaic thrift shop guitars and more-upscale vintage gear, Klinghoffer is ready to follow the Chili Peppers’ restless muse wherever the trail may lead.He possesses a unique chordal sensibility, one that’s harmonically evolved but never flashy in an over-cooked jazz way. It’s one of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ most reflective albums, the work of a group that has been through many heavy changes but has still come out on top.There’s been no shortage of ups and downs in the years since the Chili Peppers’ 1984 emergence as a new breed of punk funk pranksters, up from the smoggy streets of L. Not long thereafter, in 1988, their first guitarist, Hillel Slovak, died of a drug overdose.“Josh is a subtle, sublime and poetic musician,” Flea says. He puts chords together in a beautiful, unique, Josh kind of way.At the same time he’s very rooted in traditional songwriting and the traditional way chords move.For one thing, the two men are close friends; for another, Klinghoffer has collaborated with Frusciante on several solo projects.He’s also toured and/or recorded with PJ Harvey, Beck, Tricky and Thelonius Monster, among others, and leads his own group, Dot Hacker.

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