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You can find a Latina women in Brazil and in Caribbean islands or easily in Miami. Who would've known that people who are called "Latin" don't actually speak Latin?

A CULOmbiana is easily identifiable because she is the only female that gets banged by the entire mob of the CULOmbia drugs lords and still goes to church on sunday. Latina es equivalente a "La mujer colombiana", porque ellas [las muchachas de Colombia] son las únicos "latinas" que realmente importan, el resto es basura.

Latina is equivalent to "Colombian Woman" ; because they [Colombian Women] are the only "latinas" that really matter, the rest are trash.

CULOmbiana is a type of woman most men wants to be with; especially a HOT one.

CULOmbiana es un tipo de mujer con quien todo hombre quiere estar, sobre todo una CALIENTE.

Puede encontrar una mujeres latina en Brasil y en las islas caribeñas o fácilmente en Miami.

Una CULOmbiana es fácilmente identificable porque es la única mujer que se acuesta con todos los miembros de los carteles de las drogas CULOmbianos y todavía va a la iglesia los domingos.

Colombianas come in a variety of colors; from light brown,to dark brown.

Colombiana Chick, a popular dish in the west is a hot baked fowl marinated in Coffee Juice. " was first coined by white settlers in Texas when they first had a taste of their Tamales dipped in Colombianas.

For example, if a young beautiful Colombian Woman gets breast implants, then within the implant cocaine (and/or other drugs) will be stored for its transportation to the USA; thus making this Colombiana (a.k.a.

Colombian Woman) into a "slut/whore/bitch sex-kitten/sex-slave drug mule", the best of all drug mules.

Chica Colombiana, un plato muy popular en el oeste es un ave caliente al horno marinado en jugo de café. " fue acuñado por primera vez por los colonos blancos en Texas la primera vez que tenía un sabor de sus tamales sumergido en Colombianas.

As everyone knows, Colombia is the number one exporter of cocaine; and Colombian Women (a.k.a. For those few Colombian Women that need and/or want plastic surgery (to further improve their perfect image), it is at this time that their bodies are given the extra ability to store more "mass".

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