Iptocountry database iptocountry database error updating database error updating database

#top Quick setup guide for the Admin Panel This is a quick guide on setting up your servers and admins so your downtime is to a minimum.Of course this depends on how many servers and admins you have.If you click on a web admin group, it will expand and show you a group details section which will show all of the web premissions assigned to the group.

#top Manage Mods This panel is actually called Mod management in the bread crumbs.#top Game Plugin This part describes the installation of the Source Bans plugin.Throughout this document there may be abbreviations, words, or phrases representative of other objects or phrases.On the next map change or by typing sm_rehash in server console of the game server will make sure you or any other admins added get access as admin for the Source Mod and Source Bans functionality that have been assigned to the admin in question.You can now easily go through the other options and possibilities Source Bans has to offer.Here is a list of what certain things represent: Extract the contents of the plugin package to your / directory.For your convenience this is a list of the files and their necessary locations, all of these are rooted in the /game_upload directory.When selected, this side tab allows you to view all groups on this Source Bans installation. Web Admin Groups In this section, you can view all Web Admin Groups in this Source Bans installation.There are three columns of information in this section.Expecting that you have 2 or more servers and more than 2 admins the following is suggested after you finished the Source Bans webpanel installation.You should now have a “working” copy of Source Bans.

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