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"You've got to break yourself down before you can build something great." While producing the album, Ross Robinson was injured in a dirt bike accident, fracturing his back.

He returned to the studio after a day of hospital treatment, reportedly "putting all of his pain into the album", much to the admiration of the band.

The Naked IA is a place to capture the thoughts of a UX practitioner.

It is a collection of musings about the architecture of information and the design of user experiences. The importance of managing expectations: someone who has worked consulting or agency side, it’s interesting that this is often missed within ‘internal consulting’.

Iowa was a major success, premiering in the top tens of nine countries.

"Recording Iowa was fucking hell," recalled Shawn Crahan. There was drugs, bitches, rock 'n' roll, all that shit. 'People = Shit' was our way of saying, 'Fuck off and leave us alone.'" "There was nothing happy about Iowa," confirmed Taylor.

"All of a sudden we were these metal stars and we weren't really planning for it…

These keywords will keep you on task, but they’re easier to read and to incorporate into conversational flow.

You can check them off as you mention them without regard to numerical order.

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