Intimidating neighbours

News and links May 2005: leylandii becomes subject to anti-social behaviour laws: 2003: UK government targets bullying neighbours, 2002: Cupressocyparis Leylandii to be subject to law in the UK: local councils are to be granted new powers to deal with the curse of the Leylandii: harassment by neighbour ends in murder - article in the Evening Times.One person's response to the nightly nuisance of noisy neighbours: is a gold mine of insight and information on bullying which identifies the different types of harassment and bullying, and exposes the main perpetrator, the serial bully.Nevertheless, Julia persisted in extending her neighbourly friendliness, even inviting them to our annual Father's Day BBQ.

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I spoke to our other neighbours and they told me they were up the coast for the week.She suggested we hire someone to do the clean-up when I suggested that I would take care of it. I hauled all of the branches and leaves into one corner of my backyard; the pile was taller than me! Once I was done and my lawn was spotless I went to the garage and grabbed a ladder.In a frenzy I did it again and again until I had emptied my entire pile of debris into Kerry and Ross's pool!The area we live in has always been praised for its serene and quiet nature and the other families that live in our cosy cul-de-sac like us, have been settled there for decades.It was a shock when our next door neighbours Carol and Steve decided to sell their house but as soon as they moved a younger couple moved in.Scooping their cups out of our pool I could not believe we had been treated with such disrespect.The screaming, the aftermath and the time of which it all happened (always past midnight) made it impossible for Julia and I to get a good night’s sleep anymore. I tried to be civil about it but this was the final straw.We were so inundated with noise that we had to move all of our guests inside.It was a horrible and awkward way to finish off such a great celebration that we had been looking forward to all year." Neighbours From Hell in Britain Survey: if you have a Neighbour From Hell in Britain please fill in the survey at campaigns for effective legislative control of problem hedges of all species in residential areas of the UK.Hedgeline draws on the experience of thousands of members to provide advice and information for hedge victims.

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