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With regards to high impedance/low noise circuitry in capacitor-type mics, there are really only two suitable devices, tubes and JFETs.From there, it’s a matter of stages which are configured, first and foremost, to allow for optimal signal transfer.This is why the mic has this split personality of being a podcast/Skype-type device as well as a serious recording mic.The form this all took is similar in size and shape to many handheld devices we carry around with us today.The LSM was one of the top picks in all three sessions — guitar & vocals, podcasting/VO, drum overheads.(Don’t take my word for it, though; you can listen blind to the raw tracks and decide for yourself.) Now that I’ve been recommending LSM to people, I wanted to get a little more insight into its origins.Of course, if one is not wedded to getting the absolute highest specifications across the board, there is also room to experiment with elements and configurations which may introduce some additional character into the overall result.

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In terms of functionality, the idea was to make a very simple mic that, while large capsule, was very rugged and able to stand freely on a surface, or be mounted on a mic stand.[MI is the industry’s term for Musical Instrument products.–Ed.] The second thing was that there was a specific customer archetype — usually a parent — who wanted a mic that plugged into a computer without a lot of hassle.This is the primary reason why the LSM has no switches, or undue complexity of any sort.The present circuitry actually has the capability to turn the mic into a porcupine of I/O, dials, switches, etc., but we chose not employ any of that.In other words, a microphone for somebody who couldn’t program a VCR…and for those of you who may not have been around back then, “VCR’s” were a tape drive mechanism used for watching video.For example, do the actual type of capacitors and brand of FET(s) make a difference?Component selection always matters, but there is a magnitude to how much difference in tonality and performance that a single discrete component may impart.Brent was, as is always the case, gracious in his responses. I got the original idea for a USB mic from visiting a Lake.Read on for some interesting, and maybe a little frightening insider information about the gear industry, and the full story on this little square mic too. Specifically, Cory Lake of American Guitar & Band, outside of Minneapolis. One was that the Hello Kitty Stratocaster is the absolute hottest selling MI product on the planet.

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