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A woman in Iowa complains when her roommate's husband, who doesn't live in the facility, climbs in his wife's bed to snuggle and, she claims, have sex.A man likes to fondle fellow residents in his Minnesota dementia-care unit; nobody assesses whether the women invite or welcome the touch or are being assaulted.This effort with AARP Foundation offers the city a valuable resource for residents in need.I encourage those who might benefit to use this extra help.”AARP Foundation and Mayor Regalado announced the alliance at a joint press conference this morning in Hadley Park.

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By coordinating responses to these issues on all four fronts at once, and supporting them with vigorous legal advocacy, the Foundation serves the unique needs of those 50 while working with local organizations nationwide to reach more people, strengthen communities, work more efficiently and make resources go further.

Let AARP's Volunteer Wizard match your interests with great ways to give back.

Dementia More than half of nursing home residents have Alzheimer's disease or another form of cognitive impairment, according to the Alzheimer's Association.

"Some people with dementia may become disinhibited," Robbins adds.

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