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Almost half said that developing a policy was "planned" or "uncertain." "The nursing home field is more highly regulated than any other, but there are almost no rules regarding sexuality," says Gayle Doll, director of the Kansas State Center on Aging and author of Sexuality & Long-Term Care.

She defines sexual expression as anything from compliments to touch to sex.

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You can no longer jump out of planes, but you can still generate excitement in your life," says geriatric psychiatrist Ken Robbins, a clinical professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Social connections and human touch help ward off the depression and loneliness that old age and institutional living can bring, he adds.

As if moving aging parents into a long-term care facility wasn't painful enough, now comes this uncomfortable twist: getting calls about their sex lives there.

A man likes to fondle fellow residents in his Minnesota dementia-care unit; nobody assesses whether the women invite or welcome the touch or are being assaulted."And in one type, frontotemporal dementia, disinhibition shows up before other cognitive issues, so the person can still think reasonably well.In a place that's not very exciting, he or she may be looking for ways to have fun and have something to look forward to each day." Like suggestive banter with the new gent in the dining hall, for example, or flirting with the lady in room 206.This effort with AARP Foundation offers the city a valuable resource for residents in need.I encourage those who might benefit to use this extra help.”AARP Foundation and Mayor Regalado announced the alliance at a joint press conference this morning in Hadley Park.Williams is pictured working with DMarion Price, a student from Willson Elementary School in Cleveland, Ohio.Our proprietary data and targeting platform helps you reach your audience at the moment they need you most — their moment of intent. Magellan can tell you what that person cares about. We see the intent of 10s of millions, across thousands of topics, baselined to 20 years of data. Are people able to consent to sex if they can't balance a checkbook, or if they can barely speak?Or is sex more an impulse akin to eating, a pleasurable appetite that one retains the ability to indulge? "Hands down, most issues that become problems have to do with dementia," Doll says."More facilities are becoming enlightened to the fact that this is something people are thinking about, and maybe they should find ways to help people become comfortable." Indeed, attraction, hugging, flirting, fondling and, yes, sexual relations know no expiration dates."This is a time of life where many people return to a certain romance of what they were like in their 20s.

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