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You might have seen Slumdog Millionaire and love a curry on a Friday night, but that doesn’t mean you understand the intricacies of just how much you’re expected to eat in an Indian home (spoiler, it’s a lot). Don’t be scared, we’re here to give you a heads up… The girl always behaved very well with all other members of my family and made a lasting impression on all the so called knowledge able and scholarly people of my family aka "elders" who decided to fast-track the marriage and soon it was decided that the marriage would take place around 3 months after the engagement.

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After sometime he received a call telling him that she wasnt interested in continuing this relationship and had decided to stay away from him.

), but it’s being saved in the present cupboard to give to someone else in two years time. Get comfortable, ‘cause minimum running time is three hours.

If we don’t like a gift you’ve given us, we’ll happily accept it (free, remember? Think it would be nice to settle down for a romantic Bollywood film? Neither does Bend It Like Beckham, although our Dadi knows Gurinder Chada, and Sanjeev Bhaskar.

A few days later, all of a sudden early in the morning my uncle was arrested by the police who arrived in a way as if they were arresting a hard core criminal mater mind. The police also informed her that she was also accused also having tortured the girl and also demanding dowry.

My grand mother immediately fainted and had to be given urgent medical attention.

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