Improve your dating game

The last thing you want a girl to know is that you’re excited to be talking to her because it sends the signal you’re inexperienced, don’t have success with girls, and ultimately, have low value.

Lean back instead and let her be the one to come into you. Because guys don’t know what it’s like when someone asks them for permission to escalate to intimacy, they don’t realize how lame it is when they do it.

You and Haley really connect; you get along with complete ease throughout your entire interaction.

This article will give you three secrets of texting and how you can improve your text game immediately. These options, in the form of male pursuers, ensure that she will be in constant communication with members of the opposite sex. The plethora of options that an attractive woman has can work against you; even if you do nothing wrong. Haley is an attractive, intelligent, quality woman.

Some of these things I learned from my own experiences and others from guys who taught me everything they knew about game.

When you first start talking to a girl, she has no idea who you are.

I like going into stories about travel, because what girl doesn’t like traveling?

If you are not confident of your story-telling abilities, understand that the best way to be good at telling stories is to expose yourself to good stories.

Go up to a cute girl you don’t know in the next day and start a conversation with what you already know as a man. Chances are she’ll end the conversation in a polite manner, typical of the “rejections” you will face.

It may sting that this girl made it clear she doesn’t want to have anything to do with you, but realize that the only way to perfect your game is to have interactions like this with a couple hundred girls.

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