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There were no reports of civilian injuries, but two firefighters were injured during the three hour battle to control the blaze.

Extent of the injuries was not immediately available.

Anderson-Butcher, Dawn, The Ohio State University Andrade, Elizabeth, Milken Institute School of Public Health, The George Washington University Andrade, Elizabeth, The George Washington University Andrade, Elizabeth, The George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health (United States) Anyon, Yolanda, Stanford University Apsler, Robert, Social Science Research & Evaluation, Inc.

Aranda, Daniel, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Arantes, Valeria Amorim, University of Sao Paulo Araujo, Ulisses Ferreira, University of Sao Paulo Arbeit, Miriam R., Tufts University Arbuckle, J.

while a mechanic was repairing a hole on the forklift's radiator with an acetylene torch and the torch malfunctioned) (two unidentified persons sustained extensive burns in a blast that took place at a petrol pump - blast took place in the underground diesel storage tank - the men were trying to connect computer cables with the tank using an electric motor and welding machine)a welder, 30, was killed when ground clay fell on him as he was working to unclog a 120-ton steel tank - was covered and apparently suffocated - he was standing on a conveyor belt below the opening of the 34-foot-tall tank, which was being installed - the tank holds the powdery ground clay, and he was using a torch to cut sections of steel I-beams and channels clogging the tank opening - some of the material caked on the side of the tank apparently loosened and fell on him) (a worker using a blowtorch accidentally set a stairwell at hotel ablaze - the fire did not spread and no one was hurt - had no guests because it closed in April 2005 for renovations and partial conversion to condominiums) New building on Iowa campus catches fire By The Associated Press IOWA CITY -- A University of Iowa building with sections still under construction caught fire Friday, forcing the evacuation of a nearby residence hall and two other campus buildings.

Investigators said the fire was caused when welding sparks ignited a tarp covering an exterior wall of the 58,000-square-foot Blank Honors Center.

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CLICK HERE for the case file (a fire at a high-rise hotel threatened to put a damper on New Year's Eve celebrations - fire started in a kitchen at the Hotel - when fire crews arrived, it appeared the smoke was coming from the roof - it turns out, the fire started in a kitchen that's being re-modeled - welding work on a stove exhaust vent caught some grease on fire - lobby was filled with the smoke, and fire crews called for a second alarm response - crews were able to contain the fire to a small area in the kitchen) (a fire in a train yard could be burning for days - the fire started at the rail yard around p.m.

(United States) Brower, Naomi, Utah State University Brown, Jennifer Southwick, Cornell University Brown, Lindsey, SUNY Cortland Brown, Terran, Seattle Pacific University Brown, Virginia, University of Maryland Extension Browne, Laurie P., California State University, Chico Brubaker, Sarah Jane, Virginia Commonwealth University Bryant, Marie Jolliff, Korrnell Academy Bryant, Marie J.

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Ganpat, Wayne G., Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Marine Resources, Trinidad and Tobago, W. Garcia, Zurishaddai A., Utah State University Garst, Barry, American Camp Association Garst, Barry A., College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences, Clemson University Garst, Barry A., Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management Clemson University Garst, Barry A., Clemson University Garst, Barry A., American Camp Association Garton, Martha, West Virginia University Extension Garton, Martha S., West Virginia University Extension Service Garwood, Michelle J., University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Gary, Faye A., Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing Case Western Reserve University Garza, Pam, National Collaboration for Youth/National Human Services Assembly Gaskin, Erin R., Arizona State University Gatmaitan, Mary Claire L., University of California Cooperative Extension Gebeke, Deb, North Dakota State University Extension Geiser, Kristin, Stanford University Gerdes, Jennifer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Gibson, Allison, The Ohio State University Gibson, Heather, University of Florida Gile Thomas, April, Univesity of Texas at El Paso, Department of Psychology (United States) Gillard, Ann, Texas A&M University Gillespie, Donna R., University of Idaho Extension Gillespie, Donna R., University of Idaho Extension, Minidoka County Gillespie, Tammy, University of Missouri Extension Glickman, Samantha A., Tufts University Goff, Jennifer, Old Dominion University Goldenberg, Linda, Casey Family Services Goldenberg, Marni, California Polytechnic State University Goldstein-Gelb, W., The Welcome Project Golombek, Silvia Blitzer, Youth Service America Gómez, Edwin, Old Dominion University Goncy, Elizabeth A., Virginia Commonwealth University Goodwin, Jeff, Colorado State University Gordon, David, University of Maryland Extension 4-H Youth Development and Agriculture Gordon, Kathy, University of Maryland Extension Grandgenett, Neal, University of Nebraska Omaha Grandgenett, Neal, University of Nebraska at Omaha Grant, Natalie, Wichita State University Green, Jeremy W., Oregon State University Green, Jeremy, Oregon State University Greene, Audra Holmes, Casey Family Services Greene, Imaani, Drexel University Greenhalgh, Linden, Utah State University Extension Greenwood, Jerusha, California Polytechnic State University Griffin, Sarah F., Clemson University Griffith, Aisha, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Griffith, Matt, VOX Teen Communications Groff, Philip R., SMARTRISK Grossman, Jennifer M., Wellesley Centers for Women Grossman, Jennifer, Wellesley College Guin, Autumn, North Carolina State University Guion, Lisa A., North Carolina State University Guion, Lisa A., University of Florida Gur, Shahar, University of North Carolina at Charlotte Gwinn, Kimberly, University of Tennessee (United States) Haddock, Shelley A., Colorado State University (United States) Hall, Georgia, Wellesley College Halpin, Mary Ann, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Hampton, Amy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Haney, Deanna M., Seattle Pacific University Hankemeier, Sara, University of Illinois Extension Hanlon, Alexandra, University of Pennsylvania Hanna, Andrew Leon, Duke University Hans, Jason D., University of Kentucky Hanson, Kari, MGS Consulting, Inc. Hendricks, William, California Polytechnic State University Hershberg, Rachel M., University of Washington Hershberg, Rachel M., Tufts University Hertzog, Jodie Hickerson, Benjamin D., The Pennsylvania State University Hicks, Kelly, West Virginia University Extension Service Higginbotham, Brian J., Utah State University Higginbotham, Brian J. Hoang, Haco, California Lutheran University Hobson, Hartley Hoerr, Kara, Iowa State University Hoffman, Katie J., University of Idaho Extension Hollingsworth, Steven Bernard, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Holmgren, Lyle N., Utah State University Homan, Greg, Wright State University Lake Campus Homan, Greg, Wright State University Extension Lake Campus Homan, Greg, Ohio State University Extension Horst, Megan A., Abt Assoicates, Inc.

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